Friday, January 25, 2013

Felt Flower Wooden Initial

My daughter made one of these and I thought it was so nice.  It looked simple enough, and she surely completed hers in record time!  I almost turned it into a career by making my flowers too small!

This is a large 18 inch wooden letter from Hobby Lobby for $12.95.  The letter was spray painted, front and back, royal blue to match the felt flowers.  There is no wood showing through, but as I said earlier, I got a little overzealous with the smaller flowers. 

I wanted to make this one to hang on the door leading in from my carport.

Once the letter is spray painted and dried, you can start with the flowers.  They can be done in all one color, but I think they look nicer with a bit of another color added.  I chose royal blue felt and lime green felt.

The size of the flowers makes a huge difference in how long it takes to complete this project.  The largest flowers you see are made from 1/2 sheet of felt.  If I do another one, all of my flowers will be done with half sheets or 1/4 sheets - I will not go any smaller than that!  The amount of felt it will take will depend on the actual letter, and the size of the flowers you make, so there is some guesswork involved.  This one took over 30 sheets of royal blue and 4 sheets of lime green.  That is alot of felt, even at 4 sheets for $1.00!

Cut the felt evenly into 1/2 or 1/4 sheets.  Fold each sheet in half and cut into a circle or oval.  Take your scissors and scallop the outside edges of your oval, then cut the oval into a spiral.  Start with the center of the oval and wrap the felt tightly.  Hot glue the outside edge, and hot glue the flower to the letter.  The hot glue can be stringy, but it cools quickly (almost immediately) and you can remove the strings from the flowers.

This can be a more costly and time consuming craft, so make sure you are doing this one for yourself or someone you love.  I believe they would be adorable done to match a baby's room. 

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