Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gypsy Magic spread

This spread was done for a friend of my daughter. She just requested a general spread, so I automatically chose my favourite, a 21 card Gypsy spread.

I chose the Paulina Tarot for the reading, but I somehow goofed up the pic of the actual spread.

Column A represents her emotional state of mind.

The cards in this column were the Queen of Wands, The Star, and the Six of Cups.

I truly believe the Queen of Wands represents her. She is a woman who is very passionate about everything in life - someone who is competent and career minded, and always the life of the party. The Star is a very positive card. In this reading, and focusing on her emotional state, it's pointing out that she has difficulty accepting help from others. She's had alot of trauma in the past, and it's changed her way of thinking. She tends to think she's on her own, and that's not true. She may even be a bit depressed, but this is not something to worry about. Her true nature is to be hopeful and optimistic, and that will counteract those 'down' times. She knows that things are going to be okay again. She just needs to be aware that it is okay to accept help now and then!

She tends to reminisce and can be a bit nostalgic, and there isn't anything wrong with that. But she wants to make sure she doesn't dwell in the past too much!

Column B represents her home life, or her life outside of work.

The cards in this column were The World, Nine of Pentacles, and Page of Pentacles.

She feels as if she's stuck in a rut right now. She doesn't like change, at least not the kind of changes she's been through lately. She feels like things aren't coming to a satisfactory conclusion - there are areas she needs closure in. Her home life feels kind of stagnant to her. She needs to step back and take a look at things. There are changes that need to be made, and these changes will be very good for her. She needs to realize that she can rely on herself, and not be afraid to do just that. She's stronger than she knows. If she can make the necessary changes and begin to trust in herself and believe in her self worth, she will find a happiness and contentment that she hasn't known in quite some time. (These changes all seem to involve new living arrangements and redecorating!) There is also a very strong indication that her financial situation is going to improve. I get the impression that she is considering some sort of business venture on her own or in addition to her current job. Somehow, an opportunity is going to arise to increase her income.

Column C represents her present desires, hopes and questions.

The cards were the Ten of Cups, Two of Swords, and Eight of Cups.

These cards are very strong in relation to her family and emotions. They are all about love, personal values, shared happiness, and fulfilling relationships. These things are very important to her. There are some things in her past that she's really working on leaving behind. It's going to happen! She shouldn't let these things reflect on her future choices. She needs to let the past go. Again, these cards also point to a change in residence.

She's feeling uncertain about which way to go right now - there's a choice she needs to make and she's having a hard time deciding whether to go with her head or her heart. She needs to ask herself what she really wants...Let this one choice be all about her - that's not something she usually does.

Column D represents her current expectations.

The cards were the Ace of Wands, Ten of Swords, and Four of Wands.

She wants a new life. She wants to feel optimistic again. She wants new experiences. She wants to stop being sad. She has something she really wants to let go of. She wants the worse to be over, and it is! And, once again, she wants a new home, because this is part of her new beginning.

Column E represents what she does not expect / what surprises her.

The cards were the Five of Swords, The Emperor, and the Ten of Wands.

Someone around her may begin to act in a negative or destructive manner. They cannot be trusted. I believe it is a teenager, or a very young adult. She needs to be careful not to let them pull anything over on her.

She must also be careful not to bite off more than she can chew! It's easy to take on too much at once, and the only person who can control this is her. I feel like this is work related, and may interfere with her personal life if she isn't careful.

There is a man who is very controlling and very rational. I can't tell whether this is someone she already knows, or someone she has yet to meet, but I really think she already knows him. He's very blunt and direct, and really likes to be in charge. (Maybe someone she works with, but it may be something involved in the legal system.) He will give her very good advice and be a major help to her in making important decisions.

Column F represents her immediate future.

The cards were The Fool, Five of Cups, and Queen of Cups.

She is going to start this new phase of her life out with lots of enthusiasm. She's getting a fresh start and she's going to sense alot of changes in herself. She has endured some intense emotional pain, but that's going to end as she moves forward with her life. An old friend or lover from her past may make an appearance, and this will be a very good thing for her emotionally. There is a strong female figure in her life who is going to play a significant role in the near future events. I can't say for sure, but this may be someone she's just met recently, or are about to meet. She'll be nurturing and compassionate and very in tune with her, and she will become a very dear friend.

Column G represents the outcome and long term prospects for her.

The cards were the Ace of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, and Death.

She will see many changes - she's going through some major transformation. Financially, she's going to see significant improvements. She's also going to meet someone (she may already know them) who will be an amazing partner for her, and make her very happy. The relationship will be secure and very sensual. Her health is going to be very good!

3 card daily draw - Thursday, Jan. 28th

This is my personal 3 card daily draw done with the Circle of Life Tarot. It's nice to see some different cards for a change! I am really enjoying working with these cards!

The Moon
Knight of Chalices
Two of Swords

Today, I need to be both passive and receptive, and heed my intuition, most importantly. An important event may occur today that will touch me on an emotional level. It will be easy for me to become overwhelmed today, and indecisiveness may be an issue.

5 card Trend reading

This reading was requested by a friend who is trying to make a choice in her career. I chose to use the Circle of Life tarot for this reading. The spread is a simple 5 card spread. This is a follow up reading to one I did for her several months ago.

Card 1 represents what she has at this time.

Five of Pentacles

She's disappointed, and she feels as if she is missing out on something. Right now, she's feeling left out in the cold.

Card 2 represents what she is looking for.

Five of Swords

She may be having difficulty admitting her limitations and viewing things realistically at this time. She wants someone to tell her what she should do, but this is a situation that she really needs to work through on her own.

Card 3 represents what she should do career wise.

Seven of Wands

Teaching and writing are very good choices for her at this point in time. This would also be a good time for her to consider furthering her education, to allow herself more options.

Card 4 represents what she really wants.

Knave of Chalices

She'd like to cultivate some hidden talents - this is something artistic or creative, but something she hasn't really given much attention in the past. There is a project she has been considering starting, and now is a very good time to do this. I'm getting a strong sense of teaching again, or possibly writing children's books.

Card 5 represents what is important for her now.

Two of Pentacles

Right now, her priority is to relieve the financial balancing act she's having to deal with. She may need to take on two jobs in order to bring things under control, but this will be a temporary thing.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Card daily draw - Wednesday, January 27th

This daily draw was done with the Circle of Life Tarot by Maria Distefano. This is a new tarot deck, and this was my first time using it. It's a round deck, and the art is mesmerizing. I think I'm going to like it alot!

The Devil
Eight of Cups
Three of Cups

I need to work on controlling my negativity. This is very important at this time. I know that the reason I am having problems with this is because we have had so many problems with this entire immigration ordeal, and it's very hard for me to believe that things are finally going our way. I will work on this. The Eight of Cups is making an appearance for 3 days in a row...I am leaving an unhappy unsatisfying situation and moving on to something new. It's time to allow myself to be happy about it and prepare to celebrate! Good times and good fortune are ahead!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis

If I could only have one book on tarot meanings, this would be the one I would have.

It's a 322 page softcover book chocked full of information. The author is teacher and psychiatrist, and has a profound knowledge of all things tarot.

The book includes upright and reversed meanings, along with keywords for each card. The author has a wonderful sense of humour, and presents the meanings in a way that even a beginner can understand and relate to.

He also goes into considerable depth regarding the different suits, as well as numerology and astrological associations to the cards.

This is a perfect book for those just getting started in tarot, but it's also very well respected by adept tarot readers.

The Giant Book of Card Divination - 130 New and Traditional Techniques by Jeanne Ruland

This is an excellent book for readers who are looking for a wide variety of tarot spreads, especially for those who like to incorporate more than one deck into a spread. All of the spreads Ms. Ruland provides can be done with a single deck, but she gives detailed information on using multiple decks for the spreads she provides in the book.

This is a 288 page softcover book. She provides Oracle Technique spreads, spreads for clarification and decision making, relationship and partnership spreads, career and finance spreads, health (chakra) spreads, health (Elemental) spreads, self knowledge and healing spreads, life spreads for use throughout the varying stages of your life by age / time spans, themes of life spreads (birthday, expecting parents, death, grief, etc.), Feng Shui spreads, Festivities of the year spreads (Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, etc.), Nature spirit spreads (Elemental, angels, Gods & Goddesses, etc.), Hermetic Principles, and other miscellaneous spreads. They are all very original and thought provoking.

This is definitely an excellent addition to any tarot readers' library!

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card by Mary K. Greer

This book is too amazing NOT to do a review for.

Mary K. Greer brings almost 40 years of tarot experience, and has a wonderful view of intuitive reading. She is both an author and a teacher, and her tarot techniques that she provides in her books will alter the way you view tarot reading forever.

This is a 310 page book that provides exactly what the title implies...21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card!

The book is filled with activities / excercises for both the beginner and the adept reader, and the activities are thought provoking and highly beneficial for those who are interested in fine tuning their intuitive reading abilities.

All you need is the book, a journal for the activities / excercises, and your favourite tarot deck. I would strongly recommend using one that is fully illustrated / scenic, including the minor cards.

I assure you that you will not be disappointed! I am thoroughly enjoying going through the excercises with my Legacy of the Divine Deck by Ciro Marchetti. I plan on doing it with all of my favourite decks. I highly recommend it for beginning tarot readers and experienced readers alike!

Gypsy Magic Spread

This is a 21 card Gypsy spread that I did as a general reading for a friend. I chose the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza. There are 7 columns, consisting of 3 cards each. Each column is assigned a 'question', and the cards are combined to tell a story.

Column A: Your emotional state of mind

Nine of Swords
Four of Swords
Two of Pentacles

You're anxious and stressed out about something, but that's pretty normal after having a major surgery like you just had. The anesthesia can affect your nervous system, and it may take a bit for you to start to feel like yourself again. You should be focusing on resting and recharging yourself at this point.

You are juggling something, and this is adding to your stress. Are you trying too hard to make everyone else happy and making yourself miserable in the process? Try just going with the flow, and don't worry so much about everyone else. Sometimes, it's okay for it to really be 'all about you'. Now is one of those times!

Column B - Your home life

The World
Ace of Cups

It's really good, isn't it? It hasn't always been that way, and for a very long time, it was tumultuous and stormy. But now, you've come full circle and luck is on your side. You feel emotionally renewed, and this is very nourishing for you on a spiritual level. You're also experiencing love on many different levels right now, and having feelings you've never had before. You are completely blessed with love and happiness. It's as if you are experiencing a rebirth of sorts, and you know that things are never going to be the same for you again.

Column c - Your present desires, hopes and questions.

Three of Cups
Page of Cups

You are really feeling overly emotional right now, aren't you? Everything is going so well. You can't believe it can possibly continue this way, but you are hoping that it will. The Three of Cups is a great indication that all will be well iwth your health and your recovery. You want to maintain the calm and balance that you have in your life right now. You're having some feelings and emotions that you really need to lay on the table - I would suggest putting a pen to paper and writing a good old fashioned love letter, straight from the heart. There is also something on your mind regarding teaching, or education of some sort, and I'm very certain this involves children. This is something you feel you have to do.

Column D - Your expectations at this time

Five of Swords
Seven of Pentacles
Six of Cups

You're concerned over someone who is behaving in a destructive manner - I cannot tell whether this is you or somoene else, but I really think they are very close to you. Don't give your trust to just anyone. Someone may be working against you, and it is out of jealousy. I believe this to be a female. You are proud of how far you've come spiritually, but you are also impatient and frustrated - you don't see the proof of your hard work yet. There is still so much to learn! Take your time. There is no rush. You'll enjoy the journey more if you don't hurry through it. The past haunts you. Have you done everything you can to work your way through it? It's going to be very important that you deal with the things that haunt you in the proper way, hon. That way, you can move forward anad have the life you want and deserve.

Column E - What you do not expect / what surprises you

The High Priestess
The Devil
King of Swords

The time is going to come when you are forced to look deep within yourself. There is something inside you - just below the surface- that needs to be brought out into the light and dealt with. It may well be something hidden even from you, something you've buried. You may not even know what it is, but you will have to unearth it and deal with it in order to move forward with your life. By doing this, you will release the invisible bondages that are holding you back. You need to confront your personal demons in order to move on. You have the strength and willpower to do this. You really are the King of Swords.

Column F - The immediate future

The Fool
Queen of Pentacles

You're going to find out just how strong you really are, and what you are capable of overcoming. Your battle will be with yourself. Physically, you are on the mend. Mentally, you have some work to do, but the good news is that you will come through it just fine. Dig deep, hon. And don't be afraid...You aren't the same person who was hurt all these years ago. Be confident, and have the courage to take it all on, once and for all. You will come out of it feeling as if you have a new lease on life. It will be as if the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders. It will mean a fresh start for you, and it will open you up in ways you can't even begin to understand. There is a strong female presence who will help you through this. She is very sensible and emotionally in control. It could be your mother, or another female in your life who is very nurturing and protective of you. Listen to her. She knows what she's talking about! She will help you more than you can possibly imagine.

Column G - The outcome and long term prospects

Ten of Pentacles
Seven of Wands
Page of Wands

Family will be your main focus. You may even start to consider starting a family of your own. You may also find yourself the recipient of an inheritance. If you do everything that has been told in the other cards, you'll find yourself coping with life very well, and although it won't always be easy (it never is) you're going to recognize how strong you are and what you are capable of doing when it needs to be done. Again, I'm am seeing something to do with teaching or education for you...You are going to receive some very good news, and it has something to do with a creative venture you are considering. Romantically, all will be well...Lots of passion, lots of love and an amazing sex life!

Gypsy Magic Spread

Karmic Connection Spread

This is a 18 card spread taken from the book "Card Divination" by Jeanne Ruland. I chose to use the Sacred Rose tarot.

The Ten of Cups represents our relationship union. Emotional completeness, spiritual happiness, undying love - it is the perfect union.

The Moon represents my power of fate / where I come from. I am his moonlit fantasy. I am not as perfect as he believes that I am. My psychic abilities and intuition have brought me to where I am today.

The Three of Cups represents his power of fate / where he comes from. He endured a terrible marriage, filled with infidelity, lack of love, and unhappiness. His recover and healing has been long and difficult.

The Page of Wands represents from where do we know each other. We were lovers in a former life, first and foremost, and the passion between us has always existed.

The Page of Pentacles represents what connected us in an earlier life / what was our task. Our love of nature and open mindedness was a huge undeniable magnet for us, then and now.

The High Priestess represents what connects us today/ what is our task today. Spiritual forces, intuitive awareness, and the passion that always simmers just below the surface will always be our connection.

The Five of Cups represents what I mean to Pete. His emotional pain is over, and he sees me as somewhat of a saviour from his past. I give him hope, and confidence in himself.

The Magician represents what Pete means to me. He enlightens me every single day as to what a real relationship should be like. I am nourished by his skill and his presence.

The Five of Swords represents what needs to be recovered / worked on/ developed further. We just need to focus on leaving all the negativity behind us, and rid ourselves of people who bring negative energy into our lives.

The Seven of Swords represents where our union takes us. I drew another card for clarification - it was the Knight of Swords. Some sort of loss is ahead, and certainly not an easy road to travel, but we will welcome new peopled and new experiences into our lives.

The Knight of Cups represents our changes of growth within our current situation. It is very good. We will follow our dreams together. We are very good for each other emotionally and physically, and we will find out own Utopia.

The Six of Swords represents what natural force we need to particularly observe in our relationship. We need to move away from stresses and trouble. We've earned the right to be happy. We need to acknowledge what needs to be left behind and follow through with it.

The Nine of Pentacles represents what comes to aid our union from the spiritual world. A love for nature and the outdoors and having time to ourselves will always bring us back to our true selves.

The Four of Cups represents which force accompanies our union. Revitalization, renewed relationships with others and with ourselves will be our guiding force.

The Four of Wands represents under which star our union stands. Creativity, prosperity and joy will light the way for us.

The Emperor represents what cosmic power assists us in further developing / redeeming our relationship. Pete will come into his own in his new life, and this will change him considerably. It will give him confidence and allow him to feel better about himself.

The Page of Swords represents what helps us and heals our relationship. Travel
and change have been eagerly awaited by both of us, We'll need to use our heads over our hearts, but the healing will be available to both of us.

The Two of Cups represents what helps us to develop / pursue / redeem our karmic affair. We belong together. Always have...Always will

3 Card daily draw

This is a daily draw done with the Celestial Tarot.

King of Swords
Nine of Pentacles
Eight of Cups

It is important to remain cool and rational and in control of my emotions at this time. It's time to reap the benefits of what we've been working so hard towards and focus on getting our finances straightened out so we can live the life we want to live. I am preparing for a journey of the heart - I'm finally going home, and leaving the past behind

Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 Card Daily Draw

This is a 3 card daily draw done with the Celestial Tarot.

Two of Swords
Princess of Swords
Ace of Cups

I have a choice to make and it is time to stop burying my head in the sand. Why am I being so passive? I've never been passive a day in my life, and now it's all I know to do. The Princess of Swords must be very important for today, because as soon as I laid the cards down, Jack jumped into my lap and put his little paw on this card and repeatedly pulled it closer to me, as if it were the only one that mattered. She and Jack are telling me to brace myself for upsetting news, and another possible delay. But, even so, the Ace of Cups foretells emotional renewal, and happiness to come!

Monday, January 18, 2010

3 Month Time Tree Spread for myself

This spread was done for myself, to determine what the next 3 months will bring. I chose the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.

1 represents the Past. The card was The Magician. We've been very focused towards achieving a goal for a very long time. We've worked very hard towards it, using everything in our power to get to where we want to be. It worked, and we are almost done.

2 & 3 represent the current - the 'now'. The cards were the Five of Swords and Knight of Pentacles. We are feeling disillusioned and defeated. The victory we achieved feels empty and void of meaning. We are in a bad place financially, with little to no hope on the horizon.

4,5 & 6 represent the next 1-4 weeks in my life. The cards were The Lovers, The Hermit, and Queen of Pentacles. We will only have each other to depend upon, and a choice will have to be made. It will require soul searching and looking within. A woman may show generosity towards us.

7 & 8 represent the following 5-8 weeks (month 2). The cards were The Moon and the Hanged Man. There will be confusion and illusion, as well as self deceit. We will be forced to adapt to changes, readjustment will be in order. We will feel as if we are back in a state of limbo again.

9 represents the following 9-12 weeks (month 3). The card was the Two of Cups. We will be happy. There will be a need for cooperation with others.

5 card daily draw

I knew this was going to be a challenging day and we'd need to be well prepared. We were dealing with the family in dividing up my mother in laws possessions and cleaning out her apartment. I chose to do a 5 card daily draw to get a good synopsis of how the day would go.

I used the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.

The mood of the day was represented by the Five of Wands. Considering the day, I shouldn't have expected anything other than this card. The day was a struggle and battle, filled with greed and insensitivity. Ironically, even the number '5' was representative of the ones who caused the conflict by taking no ones feelings into consideration other than their own.

The person of the day was represented by Temperance. I strongly feel this was Pete. He is the person that is most important to me on this day, He is the person who needs to come through this intact, with a new knowledge of his siblings and how they really are. The day needs to be as peaceful and harmonious as I can possibly make it for him.

The events of the day were represented by the Eight of Cups. Today will be a turning point for us, a time to move forward from here. We will say our final goodbye to Grace and her home and move on. I believe it will somewhat represent a sort of goodbye with the family, too. This is truly the last time I believe we will all come together before Pete and I leave. I don't believe they will make any effort beyond that. When we leave Grace's today, we will be walking away from what kept us here in Canada and walking towards our future. Things will never be the same again.

The Lesson of the Day is represented by the Queen of Pentacles. We will take a lesson in greed and gluttony away from this, but it won't be a surprise. We already know who the 'Queen of Pentacles' is.

The Gift of the day is represented by the Page of Wands. We will have a new perspective by the end of this day. Good news may be a factor in our new outlook.

This reading was dead on. There were no real surprises in the cards. The family behaved just as we expected them to, but Pete managed to walk away unscathed. We will never have to deal with them on this level again.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gypsy Magic Spread

This spread was done for someone I consider to be a very dear friend. She's going through a rough patch right now, and needed a reading.

I chose the standard 21 card Gypsy spread, and the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy. This deck is perfect for my friend, and I love working with it.

The question posed was what can she do to get through this situation and how will it evolve.

Out of 21 cards, 6 were Majors, but the remainder of the cards were very balanced as far as the suits go, indicating that her current situation may require more balance, and that the changes she will undergo will be very significant.

Column A represents her emotional state of mind.

Queen of Swords
Three of Wands
Nine of Pentacles

There is nothing like being slapped over the head with her strong independent will with the first card! Her rational self is squabbling with her emotional self right now. Logically, she cannot fathom why she cannot control what is going on and how she is feeling. She feels as if she is somehow lacking because she cannot. She is feeling isolated and alone, and she's tired of being so independent. She'd love to lean on someone else for awhile. There is something in the back of her mind that is nagging at her - it is something she needs to do to feel emotionally fulfilled. I believe it has to do with some sort of home business she is considering which would involve shipping. I'm also getting a strong sense that she is dealing with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and that this may be part of what is going on with her emotionally. She misses having the kids home and working in the yard/garden. It's worse this year than usual, and she's feeling cut off from the world and isolated.

Column B represents her home life.

Nine of Wands
Three of Cups
Five of Cups

She is keeping everything on track, in spite of wanting to crawl in the bed and pull the covers up over her head. She is on guard and on edge - her strong will won't let her take any other position. It is her focus and she believes it's helping her to hold it all together. No one in her household knows how she really feels right now. She has convinced herself that it is important that they do not know, and she only allows herself to succumb to her feelings when no one else is around. But she is often alone, and she may be allowing herself to wallow in it too much. The second someone else walks in the door, she has a smile on her face and is ready to be whoever it is they need her to be.

Column C represents her present desires, hopes and questions.

Seven of Pentacles
Three of Swords

She is really at a crossroad right now. Financial matters are an issue, and she may be somewhat worried about her health. She just wants everything to feel normal again, and it will, as long as she doesn't give into the hopelessness. She is ready for a change - hoping for a change, and something is telling her that this has to be a major change. She is hopeful that it will happen soon. She wants the sadness to lift, and she's tired of feeling so isolated. She doesn't like being separated from her loved ones so much, and this is something she really wants to change.

Column D represents her expectations of the situation.

King of Swords
Ace of Pentacles
King of Wands

She wants to find a way to break out of the rut she feels she is in. She wants more control of the situation, and that is what she is working towards. She wants to see things improve financially. (Now would be a very good time for her to make a move in this direction.) There is a strong male influence in the column of cards with the two Kings. I'm getting a strong sense that in some manner, she believes she doesn't have enough support from her husband to make the changes that need to be made, or that she isn't actually communicating what is going on with her to him.

Column E represents what she does not expect - what will surprise her.

Ten of Wands
Four of Swords

She will be the one to seize control of this and pull herself out of the funk she is in. She has no idea how very strong she is. She also has the energy and ability to do what needs to be done, but she doesn't know that yet. She doubts herself. I believe she will surprise herself, all the way around! She will need to take it slow and easy, and take care not to bite off more than she can chew at one time. She also needs to realize that she didn't reach this point overnight - it will take time and patience to resolve it.

Column F represents her immediate future - now to 3 months.

The Devil
Queen of Cups

She will confront her limitations and begin to deal with them - this will be easier once she acknowledges that the limitations are self imposed. She should make a list of all the things in her life that she is doing because she believes she has no choice. She should ask herself if that is really the truth, because circumstances change, and you always have a choice. It is time for her to analyze her life and change what needs to be changed. She will find herself regaining control over things once again if she does this. She will become the "Queen of Cups" once again. She lost that part of herself along the way. She will regain control over her emotions and she will be pleasantly surprised at where her intuition and psychic abilities will take her. This will restore balance to her life, and that is really the root of all her current problems.

Column G represents the outcome and long term prospect - 3 - 6 months ahead.

Ace of Cups
The Hierophant

She is going to experience and awakening that will literally blow her away. It is going to alter her life's course, truly. Emotionally, she will feel completely renewed, and this will reflect in all her relationships. It's a new beginning for her, and I can think of no one who deserves it more. She will be blessed with love and happiness. Teaching or learning in some capacity will be an important catalyst in all of this!

3 card daily draw

This has been a long hard week, and I've been doing my daily draws, but not posting them. Pete's mom passed away on Sunday, so the readings have been a bit personal and sad. She will be greatly missed - she was an amazing lady and I consider myself so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know her and have her in my life for the past 10 years.

I'm going to work with the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy for awhile. This deck really speaks to me, and I can't seem to stray too far away from it without being drawn back in.

Nine of Wands
Seven of Pentacles

It is time to prepare myself for possible conflict or a battle. I should be prepared to stand up for myself and those that I love. I will need to be persistent and not give up. I am not wasting my time. I am slowly reaching my goal...Time to head in a new direction. Transformation is imminent, and things will never be the same again.

Not a surprising daily draw, after the week we've experienced, and with what lies ahead.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

4 Card Problem spread

This spread was done at the request of someone who is having a specific problem, which I will not go into here.

Initially, I thought I would do a brief reading and see if I needed to dig any deeper outside the initial reading, but this one gave me everything I needed.

I chose the Deviant Moon tarot deck by Patrick Valenza because of the nature of the problem, and I just did a simple 4 card spread.

The Ten of Wands represents the present for the querent. She is feeling stressed and overwhelmed by it all. She'd like to act or take responsibility for the situation, but it's too much for her and she doesn't know where to start. She has the ability and the energy to handle the situation, but is lacking in the confidence that is necessary. She shouldn't weaken herself or make herself ill over this, and if she doesn't feel she has the knowledge or confidence to proceed, she needs to enlist help / assistance.

The Two of Cups represents the

Nate's Calendar Year spread

This calendar year spread was done for my son in law, with the Sacred Rose tarot deck, by Johanna Sherman.

The Five of Swords represents the month of January. He needs to be careful and not bite off more than he can chew this month, and if he does, he needs to be willing to acknowledge it and re-evaluate the situation. Someone may be sabotaging his efforts.

The Wheel of Fortune represents the month of February. Things will really start to look up this month. He will see a change for the better in some aspect of his life. The change will happen quickly, and once it does, everything will go his way.

The King of Wands represents the month of March. He will need to take control of a situation. He may receive some very good advice from a mature male - he's probably very strong and very generous in Nate's eyes, and will have his best interest at heart.

The Sun represents the month of April. This will be a great month! Everything will go very smoothly. He will be more optimistic and happy than he has been in awhile.

The Six of Wands represents the month of May. He will receive good news this month - something that will make him feel triumphant and victorious! Problems will just disappear...

The Two of Swords represents the month of June. An important choice will need to be made this month. The decision may be difficult and emotional, and he will have to give it alot of thought, but it will be very important to deal with it and resolve it.

The Empress represents the month of July. I truly believe he will find that Tia is pregnant this month, as this really coincides with Tia's calendar year reading. Or, they may possibly conceive this month. This may be related to the choice they had to make last month!

The Queen of Pentacles represents the month of August. This month is all about the good things in life for Nate - and it also indicates pregnancy! He will be very happy where he is in life this month, all the way around.

The Magician represents the month of September. I believe he will see a change in his work situation. He will find his father is turning more responsibility for the farm over to him. He has great faith in Nate and the skills and expertise he has developed over the years. He is starting to slowly shift the power over to Nate.

The Hermit represents the month of October. He may find himself really needing a vacation this month - he will need some time to himself to just breath and catch up. It's been a hectic year. He has earned it.

The Ace of Wands represents the month of November. He's rejuvenated and ready to go again! He is excited about all the changes that are going on in his life right now, and he's feeling on top of the world.

The Hanged Man represents the month of December. He can feel the effect the changes in his life are having on him. It's time to slow down, relax, and re-evaluate everything - the changes that have already come about as well as the changes that are to come.

The Emperor was his overall card for the year. This whole year will be about personal growth and maturity for him. He is becoming his own person, and he is really coming into his own. This is yet another card that indicates impending fatherhood for him.

3 card daily draw - Saturday, Jan. 9th

This week, I am drawn back to the Sacred Rose tarot, by Johanna Sherman.

I truly have a connection with this deck, which surprises me because I did not feel it initially. The more I use it, the better I like it!

Eight of Pentacles
King of Wands
Six of Pentacles

Time to devote some attention to a potential career or money making venture. Considering our current situation, I believe the cards are telling me that it is time to start thinking more seriously about my divining, and begin to consider taking it to the next level. It is time for me to take charge of a situation, one way or the other. I believe it is time for us to begin to re-focus on winding things up here and going home. The Six of Pentacles is haunting me alot lately, but I am very homesick, so it's not surprising. I miss my friends and family, and I'm truly ready to leave this place.

3 card daily draw - Friday, Jan. 8

This 3 card daily draw was done with Froud's Faeries' Oracle.

The Green Woman
Laiste, Moon's Daughter
He of the Fiery Sword

The Green Woman is back again - 2 days in a row. I believe I have the message now. She's telling me that there is nothing I can do about a specific situation. It is not my seed, not my garden to tend.

Laiste wants me to trust myself and my gut feelings about myself. She is the daughter of the Moon, so she understands (and helps me to understand) how things can be veiled rather than illuminated. She will help me light the way, and it isn't as bad as I think. She reminds me to "trust the process".

He of the Fiery Sword is telling me that it is time to take action. I have the strength and the willpower to do what needs to be done.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Full general reading

This reading was requested by a friend who had a couple of questions. Because of the nature of the questions, I decided to go with a general reading, and will do other readings for question areas if needed.

I chose to do this reading with the Sacred Rose tarot by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman.

The King of Cups reprsents what is in their heart. They are compassionate and caring, and may even be a very strong empath. They wear their heart on their sleeve, especially right now due to the circumstances. They are extremely emotional about something that is going on in their life right now.

The Hierophant represents how people view them. People look up to them, both spiritually and on a mundane level. Other expect this person to have all of the answers, but they are on a quest of their own right now, to find answers for themselves. Never the less, people are still needy and expect the querent to take charge and do everything for them.

The Hanged Man represents where the querent has been. The querent has been standing at a crossroads for quite some time. I do not believe they were as worried about which direction to take as they were in simply making the right choice for long term potential. The querent went into a sort of suspended state, and allowed their higher self to make a decision. It was somewhat of a 'testing' period, or an informative 'time out'. The querent made their choice and moved forward, leaving unnecessary baggage behind.

The Eight of Swords was the health card for the querent. I believe the querent is mentally exhausted due to stress, and may possibly be clinically depressed. The querent should be very careful, as this could quickly contribute to other health issues.

The Ace of Swords represents who the querent really is. The querent is very intelligent and strong. Logic and balance are a huge part of who they are, so they are struggling to deal with the current situation because it isn't balanced or logical. They will be able to pull through it, but it's going to be difficult for awhile longer. However, it will all work out in the end.

The Wheel of Fortune represents the querent's love. They are having lots of ups and downs in their love life right now. It's a vicious cycle, but in the end, it will all work out for the best for both of them.

The Nine of Swords represents the querent's relationships with both family and friends. The querent is so wrapped up in their own problems right now that family and friends have been put on the back burner. The querent should be careful not to neglect them for too long. They need them in their life.

The Emperor represents what the querent wants. There is a male figure in the querent's life (partner, father figure, boss, etc.) and the querent wants them to 'step up' and take control of a situation. The querent doesn't want it to all be on their shoulders. Whoever this is isn't living up to the querents expectations or needs.

The Moon represents the querent's work situation. If things continue as they are right now with work, the querent can expect problems. There will be hidden secret changes - things will not be what they appear to be. This will result in illusion and deceit/deception.

The Ten of Cups represents the outcome for the querent. I cannot imagine drawing a better card in a general reading for an outcome. A good life is in store for the querent, even if they continue the path they are currently on. This is a very positive card both emotionally and physically.

3 card daily draw - Thursday, Jan. 7th

This 3 card daily draw was done with Froud's Faeries' Oracle.

The Master Maker
The Green Woman

Solus is here to remind me that something new is manifesting in my life. I am moving into the light because of my own actions and the actions of other energies and forces that I call upon. Miracles are possible!

The Master Maker is much like The Magician of tarot. He gives us the confidence to master all of our skills and creativity, and says that when we're satisfied that we've done something well, we can always push a little harder and may find that we can do it even better.

The Green Woman wants to make sure that I tend my own garden, whether it be a garden of the soil or of the soul. I must remember that everything in this world starts from a seed of some sort, but that seed must be well cared for in order to grow.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 card daily draw - Wednesday, Jan. 6th

This is a 3 card daily spread done with Froud's Faeries' Oracle.

I was a bit upset when I did this reading, over some things that are going on with my mother in law, who is very ill. The reading felt as if it were a mix - for both her and myself. It confused me somewhat, so I did another reading afterwards, but here is the reading that I did with this deck.

The Bright Mother
Lys of the Shadows
The Soul Shrinker

The Bright Mother is back, she is really trying to get my attention. Perhaps I need go pull deeper from this card. There is a need to put someone else first, and I am relatively certain this is Pete's mom. She isn't getting proper health care, and I am very afraid that we are going to lose her. It's an odd situation for me. I'm not used to the quality of healthcare here in Canada, I'm not used to not getting answers. I know that there is more that can be done for her, but she is no longer able to tell us what she wants, and I'm not sure what to do. I have a very strong feeling that she wants us to let her go, I just don't know how. This is something I need to think about.

Lys of the Shadows offers her help. Someone is in the shadows, and they are struggling - again, I believe this is Grace. Lys is telling me that I can help her, and she can help her, too. I'm just not sure which direction to take, so I will turn it over to Lys.

The Soul Shrinker is warning me to be very aware of my own thoughts and feelings, and the impact they can have on others. I have to consider that I am surrounded by family members who have never known any other kind of health care, and I need to be careful what I say, because it could be misconstrued as criticism of them. I'm frustrated, but right now, it is very easy to be frustrated with the wrong people. This is something I really need to work on.

3 card daily draw - Tuesday, January 5th

This is another 3 card daily draw with the Froud Faeries' Oracle.

The Friends
She of the Cruach
Iris of the Rainbows

The Friends remind me to be receptive of support from others, and also to always be prepared to offer my support when needed.

She of the Cruach offers endless grace - we just have to be open to receiving it. She speaks of unconditional love and the giving and receiving of this love.

Iris of the Rainbows brings hope. She tends the light at the end of the tunnel. She's always hovering near during hard and dark times, just waiting for you to look up and past the storm, so she can show you the rainbow.

Monday, January 4, 2010

3 card daily draw - Monday, January 4th

This is my 3 card daily draw, done with the Faeries' Oracle, by Brian Froud.

I truly love this deck, and sometimes I wonder why I use anything else for my daily draws.

The cards for today were:

The Singer of Transfiguration
Geeeeooo the Slooow
Arval Parrot

The Singer of Transfiguration has been hard at work in my life for the past few weeks. My life is changing drastically. It truly will never be the same again. My rewards are just around the corner.

Geeeeooo is one of my favourites. He usually shows up when I have too much to do or have to deal with heavy traffic situations. Today, he has appeared to remind me to slow down and take my time, stop rushing around so much. I'm missing out on things because I convince myself that I am always in a hurry. Right now, I'm in a hurry to go home, but there are things here that need tending to first. Geeeeooo reminds me that it's okay to breathe now. I have what I've been waiting for. I'm almost there. Slow and steady wins the race...

Arval cautions me to listen carefully to what others have to say, even when the words are unspoken.

Colby's Personal Year Reading

This is a personal year reading for my son. I chose the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight for this reading, because of all my decks, it most reminds me of him.

The King of Swords is his card for January. It is time for him to re-evaluate some things in life with a logical and rational mind. He may be out of touch with his true feelings - now would be a good time to work on that.

The Three of Cups is his card for February. This will be a good month for him - a time to celebrate family and friends. Something good will come to pass this month, and he will be very happy.

The Five of Wands is his card for March. This month may bring a bit of a struggle or battle. He may need to try harder to see someone else's point of view.

The Five of Swords is his card for April. He should be careful not to blame others for his mistakes. Someone may be untrustworthy and working against him. He should form his own conclusions, making sure to think for himself rather than following the lead of others.

Temperance is his card for May. He will need to control his thoughts and actions this month. He shouldn't take any extreme positions or views at this time.

The Emperor is his card for June. It's time to start using his head and making good decisions about his future. A father figure in his life may give him good advice. He is becoming his own person, growing into a man.

The Magician is his card for July. He has everything he needs at his disposal to move forward with his life - but he must realize this in order to be able to do what needs to be done.

The Five of Pentacles is his card for August. This may be a rough month financially. He shouldn't take any risks with money this month.

The Two of Swords is his card for September. This is a month of indecision, and it may cause him to feel stuck. He shouldn't bury his head in the sand. It's time to make a choice. Nothing will change until he does this.

The Nine of Wands is his card for October. He should stand up for himself and what he believes in - there is an obstacle standing between him and what he wants. He needs to realize that he is right, and stop doubting himself.

The Queen of Swords is his card for November. This would be a good time for him to go out on his own and become more independent. There may be a woman of importance who plays a significant role in his life this month. She is sad, or has endured sorrow recently.

The Queen of Cups is his card for December. It is time for him to look inside himself and examine his emotions / feelings. A mother like figure may play a major part in his life this month.

The Seven of Wands was his overall year card. This is going to be a year of change for Colby. As long as he stays true to himself and sticks to his beliefs, he will come out on top.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pete's Personal Year Reading

I chose to use the Legacy of the Divine tarot deck in this spread for Pete.

This is a Personal Year reading, using 13 cards.

The Devil was the card for January. This foretells of financial struggles, and self imposed bondage. It is important to recognize that it is easy to be your own prisoner, and just as easy to break the ties.

The Two of Cups was the card for February. This is a month of committed love, and deep relationships with family.

The Queen of Wands was the card for March. He will feel empowered and expressive, very passionate. He will start to balance his family life with work interests.

The Hanging Man was the card for April. He will begin to look at things from a new perspective. This will be his choice, not something that is forced.

Temperance was the card for May. This will be a month of balance and moderation. He will begin to adjust to his new life. He may make a new friend that surprises him!

The Ace of Coins was the card for June. He will get an opportunity that has fantastic potential. He shouldn't dismiss it. It will lead to financial security and material comfort.

The Four of Wands was the card for July. This will be a month to celebrate how far he has come and all the good things he has in his life.

Strength was the card for August. He will begin to have faith in himself and see himself in a different light. He is starting to feel like he's getting back on his feet.

The King of Cups was the card for September. His fatherly instincts will be very much at the forefront this month - someone may come to him for advice because of his understanding and empathy.

The Eight of Cups was the card for October. This will be a month for change, as if he hasn't seen enough this year. He will move from one situation that isn't working towards one that will work.

The Two of Wands is the card for November. This is a month of choice and opportunity - time to take charge of his life. It may involve moving, or changing jobs.

Faith is the card for December. Some sort of ceremony or spiritual focus will highlight this month. This could indicate your first holidays with your new family.

The overall year card was the Six of Cups. This will be a good year, full of wonderful memories...You will feel nostalgic and even homesick at times, but you will embrace your new life completely.

Tia's Personal Year Spread

I chose to do Tia's reading with the Paulina Tarot. This is a 13 card spread, with one card for each month of the year, and the final card is an overview of the year.

The Page of Cups was her card for January. It will be a month of good news, happy emotional events, and emotional rebirth. (This was the same card that I got for myself for the month of January!)

The Nine of Cups was her card for February. She will see her desires and wants fulfilled this month. She will feel a sense of contentment and well being...She finally has what she wants and her dreams are coming true.

The Ten of Cups was her card for March. This will be a great month for matters of love, emotions and amazing relationships.

The Moon was her card for April. This month, she should remain passive and receptive - she should trust her intuition. Something or someone may not be what they appear to be - she should beware of lies and deceit, or illusion.

The Seven of Wands was her card for May. She may have to take a stand for something that is important to her this month. It may involve some sort of conflict or something that is finally coming to a head. She has the advantage, even if she doesn't know it.

The Empress was her card for June. I truly believe she will find herself pregnant this month, or at least beginning to give serious consideration towards expanding her family. (Knowing Tia, she'll get another dog...)

The Emperor was her card for July. This really makes me believe there just might be a baby in the works. This is a card of responsibility and rationality, but it can also represent an important father figure in her life - someone preparing for the future.

The King of Swords was her card for August. A decision will be made this month that will be very important to her. She will need to be very careful and not make others feel she is ignoring their feelings.

The Three of Pentacles was her card for September. A change in residence is in store this month. This will be a step up in her life, a change in status. Decorating and nesting will be the highlight of the month.

The Queen of Wands was her card for October. This card could easily be Tia's significator. She is the Queen of Wands. This will be a good month for work and home life. She may receive good advice from another attractive and sensible female!

The Queen of Pentacles was her card for November. This is a month of prosperity, security and luxury - she can finally enjoy all her material comforts. The hard part is over.

The Hierophant was her card for December. There may be some sort of ceremony or spiritual focus this month. It is all about moral development.

The overall year card was the Eight of Wands. This year is going to be filled with good things for Tia...Understanding, harmony, important changes and journeys, and lots of good news. She is moving very quickly towards achieving all her goals. Life is good.

3 Card Daily Draw - Sunday, January 3rd

This week, I'm working with the Faeries' Oracle Deck, by Brian Froud. For today, I chose to draw 3 cards.

The Bright Mother
The Piper
The Oak Men

The Bright Mother wants me to take a personal inventory of all that is right in my life. I should ask myself if there is anything that needs to be changed at this point.

The Piper urges me to lose myself in my music for awhile today - something I haven't been doing too often lately. It is good for my soul, and The Piper reminds me that it will be therapeutic and healing. I can communicate without words through my music.

The Oak Men are reminding me to look beneath the surface, and take my time. There is no need to rush or make thoughtless decisions.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 Month Spread

I did this spread to get a closer look at the upcoming 3 months for us. This is the first time I've used this particular spread, and I really enjoyed it. I believe I will be using it alot!

The deck used was Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, by Cristina Benintende.

The Knight of Wands represents the past. This card is a pretty apt summation of my life over the past few years...Change and relocation have been a major part of my life, with all the adjustments that go along with it.

The Five of Wands and The Magician represent the present, or now. We've been dealing with many struggles and challenges over the past couple of months. Neither of us are overly aggressive people, but we've had to step it up a bit and take control of the new situations that we've encountered.

The Two of Wands, Nine of Swords and Queen of Wands represent what we can expect the next 1-4 weeks, or the month of January. We are certainly enduring a restless and stressful 'waiting' period, without a doubt. We've been waiting for the Visa for so long, and now that we finally have it, it feels anticlimactic for both of us, because we cannot move as quickly as we'd like. Worry and anxiety are major parts of our lives. Our passion for each other and the things we want together will help us get through it.

The Knight of Swords and Three of Swords represent what we can expect the month of February. We will experience sudden changes and new experiences. There will be a need to allow our logical and rational thoughts to overrule our hearts at times. Stress, sadness, and emotional pain will be a part of this transitional period.

The Four of Swords represents what we can expect the month of March. Rest, relaxation and recuperation will be key this month.

I believe this reading is indicating we will be going home later this month, settling in our new home during the month of February and trying to adjust, and then, in the month of March, finally taking a deep breath and slowing down.

3 card daily draw

This 3 card daily draw was done with the Gilded Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti.

Two of Swords
Two of Pentacles
Four of Swords

I'm really on the fence today. I'm a bit overwhelmed with life at the moment, and have so many things on my mind that my instinct is to shut down and ignore it all. But, that's not always possible.

I'm juggling finances and emotions at this point in time, along with worrying about my mother in law, who is in the hospital again. This is not a good combination, and although I know that I need to relax and focus on the things that are good in my life, it is easier said than done, at times.

Right now, I could really use a vacation from all my worries!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Calendar Spread

This is a new spread that I thought I would try, for the entire upcoming year.

I chose The Paulina Tarot for this spread, and used 22 cards.

The Page of Cups represents the month of January. It will be a month of emotional joy and developement for me. I should be going home, so this is a new chapter in my life on an emotional level.

The Two of Pentacles represents the month of February. February will be a bit of a balancing act for me, both emotionally and financially. That is definitely to be expected, as we should have completed the move by then, and for the first time, I'll be a full time mother (albeit two adult 'kids') and full time wife - all at once!

The Nine of Swords represents the month of March. Stress, worry and anxiety - but they may very well be self imposed. This is no surprise! The transitionary period we are about to go through is bound to bring a few sleepless nights!

The Eight of Swords represents the month of April. Carry over from March? I may feel trapped and overwhelmed, but once again, my limitations may be self imposed.

The Knight of Swords represents the month of May. This will be a month of change, action and decisiveness. It will be very important to use my rational mind rather than my heart in these matters.

The Devil represents the month of June. I may find myself trapped in a situation that I need to break free of. I made this prison with my own two hands - I will have to acknowledge and face my fears in order to be free of it.

The Six of Pentacles represents the month of July. Everything will start to fall into place for us this month financially. We will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as getting back on our feet.

The Tower represents the month of August. August will bring sudden and abrupt change, in a very dramatic manner. It will mean putting an old way of life behind us and embracing our new lives completely.

The Knight of Cups represents the month of September. This will be a good month for romance and emotional concerns. Ironically, this is the month of our 8 year wedding anniversary!

Strength represents the month of October. Inner strength will be required to work through problem areas this month.

The King of Cups represents the month of November. Compassion and empathy will be key this month in my life. I may receive welcome advice from a mature, father like figure. He will be caring and kind, and have only my best interest at heart. (That rules out my father.)

The Ten of Swords represents the month of December. The worse is over. A cycle of our life has ended and it is time to move on.

The Seven of Pentacles and Three of Wands represent my ambition and creativity for the year. My progress will be slow and steady. I will need to keep in mind that anything that is important to me and my life is worth pursuing. I should periodically re-evaluate my progress towards my goals. Creative opportunities will be numerous, and I should market my talents and see if I can make a go of it. Now is the time to do so!

The Ten of Cups and The Emperor represent health and money for the year. My anxiety and stress levels will decrease this year because of the healing energy of being home, with my family. Material wealth will improve as the year goes on, and a job promotion or advancement may occur.

The Ace of Swords and The High Priestess represent my relationships and emotions for the year. These two cards in this position form a perfect balance of logic and intuition, so I expect all to be well in this area of my life!

The Nine of Cups and the Three of Swords represent my mind and struggles for the year. A feeling of well being and success will prevail. My desires will be fulfilled this year! I will get what I want. The struggles I have will be about emotional adjustment, and possibly health issues or a loss.

The Empress represents recurring energies carried over from last year. Good fortune and luck will be with me, along with feminine creativity, and healthy relationships.

The Six of Cups represents new energies in my life this year. Nostalgia will be strong, and rightfully so...I'm going home. Old ties will be renewed, and happy memories will be made!