Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 card daily draw

Today is New Years Eve, and the night of the first Blue Moon in 19 years!

This daily draw was done with the Gilded Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti. I am really warming to this deck, although I do love his Legacy of the Divine deck more!

It looks like it may be an emotional day for me, but these days, they're all emotional! Being a Cancer, it is inescapable...

Todays cards were:

Ace of Cups
7 of Cups
4 of Cups

New year's eve and a new beginning emotionally speaking...So many changes ahead of us in the coming new year...Love and happiness belong to me, and all of the changes are going to enable me to feel both things at the same time - something that has been a rarity for the past 9 years. I am very blessed. Again, I am being warned to focus, and with good reason. My thoughts have been very scattered since we received the Visa, and I have accomplished absolutely nothing over the past week. It is time for me to focus my thoughts, and pay special attention to my intuition. It's also a wonderful time for me to reflect on all the good things in my life. I am fortunate and blessed with an amazing husband and children. I must remember to never take them for granted.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3 card daily draw

This daily draw was done with the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.

3 of Cups
The Magician

There is a cause for celebration, and the cards continue to remind me of this. There is still alot of work to be done, but for now, we should relax and be happy that we're finally getting closer to our goals. We will need to manage our lives wisely in order to finish what we've started. It's a good time to re-evaluate our current circumstances, in order to determine how to proceed. Moderation will be very important for us. Focus and mastering my own powers are key at this point. I can achieve my goals, I just need to reach within myself and determine how best to manipulate this situation to my advantage.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Daily Draw - 3 card spread

I'm being very fickle this week with my decks. I can't seem to settle on one!

Today, I chose The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. My husband gave me this deck after finding one he likes better! I suppose he isn't aware that one can like alot of different decks! I'm definitely the winner in this situation!

I'm also using a different 3 card spread today!

The 6 of Wands represents the card of the day. This is the card I drew the day we found out Pete's waiver was approved, so I will always consider it a lucky card for me. The 6 of Wands is reminding me that we've won the battle...Victory is finally ours after 7 long years, and we need to allow ourselves to be excited about how far we have come, rather than spend all our time worrying about the road ahead of us. We really accomplished alot - and without legal representation, so we have a right to feel proud.

The 4 of Swords represents the present situation - what is on my mind. This is truly the 'calm before the storm'. We need to take advantage of the time we have to relax right now, because once we instigate the move, it may be a long time before we have this opportunity again.

The Knight of Pentacles represents the background for the day's events. We are almost where we want to be in life, we just need to be patient. This will all be over soon.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Daily 4 card spread

This 4 card daily spread was done with the Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner.

These cards are very small - I'm not sure how well I will enjoy working with them long term.

The Princess of Swords represents me and my feelings for the day. (I drew this card yesterday in the 'how to deal with it' position.)

I need to think quickly and be decisive. I should 'cut to the chase' and remain logical and rational today.

The Ace of Wands represents something that I will face during the day.

Today is a perfect opportunity to start something new...This may come from a new idea or be related to something I've been considering. I believe this is a subtle hint to pick up the yarn and crochet hook and give it another try!

The 9 of Wands represents how to deal with it.

I need to stand up for myself, and never give up. It's just a little stumble / road block. All I have to do it go around it.

The 8 of Wands represents the outcome of the day.

I am moving very quickly towards my goals. Good things are about to happen! No more delays!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Daily 4 Card Spread - Sunday, 12/27/09

Change of plans! I have switched decks for this week.

This is the Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner.

Temperance represents me / my feelings for the day.

I should be patient - definitely NOT one of my virtues. It is very important that I remain aware of my timing with certain matters.

The Prince of Swords represents something I will face during the day.

There will be a need to stand my ground and speak my mind at some point today. It's very important to think before I do so, and keep my emotions in check.

The Princess of Swords represents how to deal with this.

Clear communication is key.

The 7 of Hearts represents the outcome.

Not a great day for making important decisions. It is a good day to give myself a reality check, though!

Friday, December 25, 2009

4 Card Daily Spread - Saturday 12/26/09

This is a new 4 card spread that I am using this week. The deck I will be using is my first tarot deck - Tarot of a Moon Garden by Karen Marie Sweikhardt. It's a very nice intuitive deck. She also produced a companion book to go with the deck that is decent.

Card 1 represents me and my feeling for the day ahead.

The card was the 3 of Staffs (Wands).

Today will be a good day for setting goals and putting plans in action. A possible business transaction may present itself - it will be successful. I may also receive helpful information or assistance from someone. Co-operation and teamwork will be the theme for the day.

Card 2 represents something I will face during the day.

The card was the 6 of Swords.

This card represents a release from stress and anxiety - moving forward into peace and tranquility. Once again, this card may also represent a journey or travel.

Card 3 represents how I will deal with what arises during the day.

The card was The Chariot.

I must remain in control and work my way through it. (Again, travel???) I may just need to try to relax and go with the flow for a change.

Card 4 represents the outcome.

The card was The Tower.

Unexpected events may lead to a complete and total change in our situation...This change will be sudden and dramatic.

6 Month Spread for D

This spread was requested for a friend of mine who is preparing to move her family to the US, pending her husband's immigrant Visa approval.

I chose a 6 Month spread that I've used in the past just to try to get an idea of the time frame they will be dealing with. This is a 21 card spread, with 7 columns and 3 cards assigned to each aspect/question of the spread. I have had amazing results with this one in the past.

I chose to use the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy, as this seemed to be the best deck to use for my friend.

Cards 1, 2 and 3 represent "the self".

1) Page of Cups
2) The Fool
3) 7 of Cups

She is entering an emotional rebirth of sorts in her life - a period of new feelings and new attitudes, as well as emotional developement and increased sensitivity and maturity. She's feeling spontaneous and open - ready for a new adventure in her life. She's a bit unfocused and distracted, and she knows she has some unrealistic expectations at this time. She's also feeling a bit 'stuck'. Her thoughts are muddled , and it may not be a good time to make a major decision, unless she is able to clear her head and think through it slowly. She may need more information in order to make this decision.

Cards 4, 5 and 6 represent "what is closest to her/ what is affecting her the most".

4) The Hanged Man
5) 4 of Cups
6) 3 of Swords

She is suspended - in limbo - and she doesn't like it. She needs to take a deep breath, relax, and just 'hang out' for a bit. It's a good time to re-evaluate her attitude and long term goals, while things are calm and she can think straight. She's a bit discontent, maybe even bored with some aspect of her life. She feels emotionally drained. She has been hurt emotionally by someone that she loves recently, and there may even be some sort of separation involved. It is making her sad, and bothering her alot more than she lets on.

Cards 7, 8 and 9 represent "hopes and fears/ dreams and wishes".

7) 5 of Pentacles
8) The Magician
9) Knight of Cups

She is afraid of loss, hardship and disappointment. She's also concerned about a legal situation resulting in a financial loss, and this may very well happen. At the same time, she's very hopeful about the impending move, as she believes it will open up her family to endless possibilities. For once, she feels she is in control of her own destiny, and she knows that keeping that control is half the battle. She is anxious for new experiences and new opportunities. She is following her dreams. I believe that returning to the US is much more important to her (and has been for some time) than she is letting on.

Cards 10, 11 and 12 represent "what she expects".

10) 8 of Cups
11) Wheel of Fortune
12) Page of Pentacles

She is ready to say goodbye to this part of her life and move on. (A relocation or major change are highly indicated.) The change will be an emotional one for her, no matter how much it will make her happy in the long run. She is confident that this change is the best thing for her family, and they are everything to her. She's expecting a better life ahead for all of them, with luck and good fortune. She is waiting for good news. Educational opportunities are also an expectation, but I don't believe this is solely in regards to the girls. Is she considering going back to school, as well?

Cards 13, 14 and 15 represent "what she does not expect".

13) 3 of Cups
14) Temperance
15) The High Priestess

Something to celebrate is right around the corner. There will still be work ahead, but she's going to be very happy to do what is necessary. Moderation and wise management will be key to her success - she must slow down and evaluate things, but remain open to compromise. Something is going on beneath the surface. She should follow her intuition on this and she will get the answers that she needs.

Cards 16, 17 and 18 represent the next 2 - 3 months.

16) Two of Cups
17) Knight of Swords
18) The Chariot

Her close intimate relationship/ bonds / friendships will strengthen. There may even be new ones that will be very cherished to her, invaluable. She will meet new people and have new experiences - there are going to be sudden changes. It's going to be a very active and very 'on the go' 2-3 months! She will need to keep her head, and be careful and not allow her emotions to interfere with her logic and reason. The Chariot says it all in this reading. It indicates travel, and a need to stay centered and calm in order to steer a middle course through all of this in order to get to where she wants to be. It will all work out, because she has the strength and composure to pull it off.

Cards 19, 20 and 21 represent 3 - 6 months ahead in the future.

19) 9 of Pentacles
20) 7 of Wands
21) The Empress

Fulfillment and completion will be hers! She has earned it. She will be exactly where she wants to be during this time frame. She did it! It wasn't without challenge, but she got through it. She still has adjustment and change to deal with, but this is what she wanted, and she will do just fine. She will settle back into her family life quite comfortably, because it's really all been about doing what is best for her family. She will feel like a different person on all levels - as a mother and a wife. She knows she has done the best she can for her family, and it's time to reap the rewards!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daily draw and update for Thursday - 12/24/09

We received Pete's US Immigrant Visa on Wednesday, just as the cards predicted!

This 3 card daily draw for Thursday was done with the Sacred Rose tarot deck. I'm really falling in love with this deck, and that's quite a surprise!

The Knight of Cups represents important aspects of the day ahead. Holidays are always emotional times. This will be my last one to spend away from my family, and it will be a bit sad, because had things gone differently as we had anticipated earlier, we would be home for the holidays. But, instead, as the Knight of Cups predicts, we will be spending the entire day with some friends, and celebrating our last Christmas in Canada!

Judgement represents personal issues that will need my attention today. This card is telling me that it's time for a new outlook, time for a new beginning! A cycle in our life together is coming to an end - changes and improvements loom ahead. We are both preparing for an awakening of sorts.

The 10 of Pentacles represents feelings, desires and reactions that may arise today. It will be an emotional day, of course. There is no escaping that! This card tells of major life changes and transitions - matters involving money / finances. Things are going to work out for us.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Deck Interview - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

This deck interview was done with one of my favourite decks - The Legacy of the Divine Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti.

No surprises in the interview!

The 4 of Coins represents the most important characteristic of this deck. For one split second, I was a "huh?" moment, until I realized that while it is a very generous deck, it would very much like to keep me all to itself! I consider this deck the greatest gift to my tarot journey to date.

The Queen of Cups represents the strengths of this deck. Empathy and intuition ooze from the cards, and I find the readings very 'relationship' oriented.

Faith represents the limitations of this deck. There are NO limitations. This deck is everything it needs to be, to everyone who uses it.

The 10 of Coins represents what this deck is here to teach me. It will teach me completion. It will bring me success in the manifestation of my desires.

The Knight of Swords represents how I can best learn from / collaborate with this deck. I must keep my mind sharp, and remain idealistic and analytical.

The Page of Cups represents what will be the outcome of our working relationships. I knew it would be a Cup for this deck! Sweetness, kindness, increased empathy and a wonderful relationship with tarot will come from working with this deck.

Deck Interview - Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

This was the most interesting deck interview spread that I have done. The deck is the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight.

This deck is one that I've been on the fence about ever since I got it. I saw a few of the cards on Aeclectic Tarot and I was drawn to the deck. I ordered it from Amazon, and I just didn't click with the deck the way I thought I would once I had it in my hands.

I'm not sure what the problem is - the art is very nice, and there are many cards I absolutely love, but there are just as many that I feel no connection to, and that isn't what you want from a tarot deck. I attempted doing an intensive deck study with it, and realized (after making it through the entire Major Arcana) that I was never going to relate to this deck the way I thought I would.

The deck interview pretty much confirmed my thoughts!

The Knight of Wands represents the most important characteristics of this deck. I can easily see that this deck is all about change/adaptability and has a sense of humour. The Knight of Wands confirmed it!

The 9 of Cups represents the strengths of this deck. It is truly an uplifting and hopeful deck. Even the darker cards do not appear as dreary as they do in some decks. While this may be a strength of the deck, I prefer the realism of other decks.

The 5 of Cups represents the limits of this deck. This depicts exactly how I feel about this deck...Kind of 'middle of the road'...I like some of the cards, dislike others. It's hard to decide whether the cup is half empty or half full with this deck. It can be disappointing at times, and I find it lacking in communication skills - simply because of the lack of connection.

The Fool represents what this deck is here to teach me. That makes sense. It's telling me to be myself. I don't have to love it, I just have to do what makes me happy.

The 8 of Pentacles represents how I can best learn from / collaborate with this deck. I should use it only when I need a change - something new to work with.

The Hanged Man represents the potential outcome of our working relationship...Now how's that for an answer? Lessons learned, deck shopping/choosing re-evaluated...

Daily draw for Wednesday - 12/23/09

This daily 3 card spread was done with the Sacred Rose tarot.

The Queen of Pentacles represents the important aspects of the day ahead. She is reminding me to take a sensible and practical approach to the day.

The King of Wands represents personal issues that I will need to attend to today. I need to listen carefully to Pete, and stay in tune with his thoughts and emotions. This transition is going to be harder for him than it will be for me. I am going back to familiarity. He is going into the unknown. I need to be attentive to his needs in all of this.

The 9 of Cups represents desires and reactions that may arise on this day. My dreams and desires are truly coming to fruition. Hopefully, this is an indication that Pete's Visa will arrive today! We found out on Tuesday that it was issued last Friday, so it should be here anytime!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Deck Interview - Deviant Moon Tarot

This deck interview was done with the Deviant Moon tarot, by Patrick Valenza.
This is one of my all time favourite decks - I have alot of them. If anyone were to look in my basket of tarot decks who didn't know me well, they would quickly diagnose me with multiple personality disorder! But I love having all these different type decks, because I love reading for different types of people.
The Deviant Moon deck is quirky and fun. Alot of people consider it a dark deck, but I don't find it dark at all. I find it to be brutally honest, with no holds barred. I'm a blunt person, so I relate well to this deck.
The Empress represents the most important characteristics of the Deviant Moon.
This deck relates well to females, even though I consider it a very masculine deck. It nurtures creativity in everyone who touches it.
The Star represents the strengths of the Deviant Moon as a deck.
This depicts the hopeful optimism and strength that absolutely radiates from the deck.
The 10 of Wands represents the limits of the Deviant Moon as a deck.
Because this deck is so brutally open, honest and direct, I often find myself expecting too much from it. It gives me everything I need from a reading, every time I use it.
The 7 of Cups represents what this deck is here to teach me.
The Deviant Moon constantly reminds me to use my imagination and creativity, and to maintain focus and listen to my inner voice. It's like a pat on the back from an old friend who knows you inside and out.
The Ace of Swords represents how I can best learn from / collaborate with the Deviant Moon deck.
All I have to do is use my inner strength and my intellect. The cards provide the rest!
The 8 of Pentacles represents the potential outcome of our working relationship.
It will be sheer perfection...We will have a long history together. Most of all, the relationship will be very enjoyable!

Deck Interview - The Paulina Tarot

I really enjoyed doing the new deck interview spread with the Sacred Rose tarot, so I thought I would do it with some of my older decks.
This one was done with the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy. (I'm anxiously awaiting her new deck - Joie de Vivre tarot!)
The Paulina is one of my favourite decks. It's very feminine, and has the feel of old New Orleans. I've gotten amazing readings so far from this deck, and the deck interview went pretty much as I expected.
The 2 of Cups represents the most important characteristic of the Paulina.
This is very interesting, because the 2 of Cups is one of my favourite cards in any deck, and almost always shows up in readings that I do for myself, or that someone else does for me - along with The Lovers and Ace of Cups! The Paulina is telling me that her most important characteristic is her emotional bonding with the reader. I agree wholeheartedly!
The Ace of Pentacles represents the Paulina's strengths as a tarot deck.
She is brimming over with common sense, and her energy is inspirational.
The Sun is the card that is supposed to represent the limits of the Paulina as a deck.
The Paulina has NO limits.
The 10 of Wands represents what the Paulina is here to teach me.
She wants me to know that I cannot do everything, and cannot be everything to everyone. I take on too much at times, and she is here to teach me to recognize my own limits.
The Fool represents how I can best learn/collaborate with the Paulina!
As long as I remain open and receptive, we shall get along just fine. I can't think of a better card to draw in this position!
The Page of Pentacles represents the potential outcome of our working relationship together.
We will learn from each other and reach success together!
This will definitely be a deck that I will be using for a very long time to come. The Paulina is one of my favourites to do my own personal readings with, but I also rely on this deck for many of my female querents that she suits!

Daily draw for Tuesday - 12/22/09

This is a 3 card daily spread done with the Sacred Rose Tarot.
The 9 of Pentacles represents important aspects of the day ahead. This will be a good day to spend some time alone with my thoughts, and consider our financial situation and how to improve things in the coming year. Perhaps it will be a good day to work on getting both of our resumes ready for the move.
The 2 of Wands represents personal issues that need attention. I may need to deal with some inner conflict, but for the most part, I will have to deal with WAITING on our opportunity, as I have been for quite some time. Hopefully the wait is coming to an end.
The 6 of Swords represents feelings, desires and reactions that may arise during the day. It is time to be optimistic over the upcoming changes - brighter days are ahead, and travel will be soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

3 card daily draw - Monday, 12/21/09

This is my personal 3 card daily draw for Monday, done with the Sacred Rose Tarot.
The 6 of Pentacles represents important aspects of the day ahead. Today will be a good day for reaching out and helping others, and possibly even receiving a bit of help, myself!
The 2 of Cups represents personal issues that will require my attention. I need to make sure I am appreciative of all the wonderful relationships that I have. They are truly amazing, and I am very fortunate.
The 10 of Cups represents feelings, desires and reactions that may arise today. This is a very promising card, considering my only desire right now is to get home and be back with my family. The 10 of Cups sums up all of my hopes and dreams at this time, and represents family harmony, contentment, good relationships, and travel!

Harsh Truth Spread

This is a follow up spread done for a client after a general reading that I did earlier in the week. This spread was done with the Sacred Rose tarot.
I found the spread on Aeclectic Tarot, and this is the first time I've used it. I like it very much and will most likely use it alot.
The question was"What is going to happen with the band?"
Card 1 represents what the client wants to see or believe.
The card was the King of Cups. The client wants everyone to be responsible, reliable and professional. Compassion, caring and empathy are also very important to them.
Card 2 represents what the client doesn't want to see or believe.
The card was the 7 of Cups. The client doesn't want to face emotional reality. There is a lack of focus, and alot of wishful thinking going on, as well as unrealistic expectations.
Card 3 represents what is true.
The card was The Devil. It is not a good situation with the band, but the client doesn't want to give up and move on. There is alot of negativity, and someone needs to leave the group.
Card 4 represents what the client wants to happen.
The card was the 8 of Pentacles. The client wants to be able to enjoy all of the hard work they are putting into the band. This is where their heart lies, but they would also like to see financial profit from this.
Card 5 represents what the client doesn't want to happen.
The card was The Moon. The client doesn't like change, and doesn't want bad news, but deception and illusion are very probable in this case - and the client may be deceiving or fooling themselves.
Card 6 represents what will happen.
The card was the Knight of Cups. The client will have new experiences and new opportunities regarding music. They will get to follow their dreams, but it will not be with the band as it is today.

New Deck Interview Spread

This is the first time I've done a spread to interview a new deck, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I may do it with all of my other decks, even though they aren't new!
I found this spread on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.
This one was done with the Sacred Rose Tarot. I am really enjoying this deck, and I wasn't sure that I would at first!
Card 1 asks the deck what it's most important characteristic is. The card drawn was the 3 of Wands. The Sacred Rose is telling me that it's most important characteristics are teamwork and cooperation!
Card 2 asks the deck what it's strengths are as a tarot deck. The card drawn was the 4 of Wands. The strengths of the deck are commitment and positive energy.
Card 3 asks what the deck's limits are. The card drawn was the Queen of Pentacles. She is telling me that the deck is practical and sensible, no frivolity here!
Card 4 asks what the deck is here to teach me. The card was The Hermit! I can't really think of a better card to get in this position from a new deck! The Sacred Rose will teach me the truth, and show me how to find it.
Card 5 asks how I can best collaborate with the deck. The card was the 8 of Wands...No holds barred...Full speed ahead...
Card 6 asks the potential outcome of our working relationship. The card was the King of Swords. Together, we will give sound advice, learn objectivity, and build strength of character.
I foresee a long future of working with the Sacred Rose tarot, which I find very interesting considering I had mediocre feelings about it initially!

Jack is taking over...

He is absolutely mesmerized by the tarot cards.

I cannot do a reading without his assistance!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Daily Draw for Sunday, 12/20/09

This 3 card daily spread was done with the Sacred Rose Tarot.
The Knight of Cups is the card that represents important aspects of the day ahead. It will be a perfect day to focus on creativity and artistic endeavors, which is fitting, considering I am trying to teach myself to crochet!
The Knight of Pentacles represents personal issues that may need attention. He is telling me to remain sensible and calm - today will be a good day to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
The Page of Swords represents feelings, desires or reactions that may arise. I may find it necessary to deal with something today that I will have to handle with caution - it could regard receiving significant information, and the way I react to this information will be very important.

Friday, December 18, 2009

New wooden box for tarot deck

Every week, I choose a different tarot deck to work with for the upcoming week.
All of my decks are in matching bags that I have made for them, but I wanted a wooden box to keep on the end table beside my end of the couch.
I considered making one myself, but before I could get up the nerve to do it, I stumbled upon this one at an "Exotic Import" kiosk at the mall! I thought it was beautiful, and it holds a deck and spread cloth perfectly!

Jack and Tarot

Jack is a 3 year old male cat that we've had since he was a kitten. He is absolutely fascinated with tarot, and spends almost as much time looking over the spreads as I do!

3 Card Daily Draw for Saturday (12/19/09)

This week, I'm using the Sacred Rose Tarot by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman.
I will be using a 3 card daily spread, with a bit different spin on the positions. I'm also going to try doing the spreads in the evening, just before going to bed - for the day to come.
Card 1 represents important aspects of the day ahead.
The card was the 6 of Cups.
This will be a good day to deal with emotional aspects of the past...A day for reminiscing, and possibly getting in touch with friends from my past. (I NEED to call Jackie, really!)
Card 2 represents personal issues that will need attention.
The card was The World.
I need to start preparing myself to move on - in a new direction. Success and completion will soon be ours, and we need to be ready.
Card 3 represents personal issues that will need my attention.
The card was The Fool.
I love this card in a personal reading! Great expectations and childlike enthusiasm will be key for the journey we are about to embark upon.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Lunatic Spread - general reading

This spread was done for a friend who just wanted a general reading.
I chose the Deviant Moon tarot deck and the Lunatic spread, both designed by Patrick Valenza.
This deck is absolutely amazing to read with. It holds nothing back, and the answers are as clear as they can be. This deck doesn't coddle or walk on egg shells - it is blunt and to the point, just like me. I truly believe this deck gives me the best readings of all the decks I have, and I am waiting with anticipation for a 'sister deck' that Patrick is working on. He is one of the most inspiring tarot creators I've encountered, and he is a genuine sweetheart on a personal level.
This is a basic 10 card general reading.
Card 1 represents the querent now.
It was the Knight of Cups.
The querent is following their dreams - that is what they do best. In this case, I truly feel the querent IS the Knight of Cups, as the Knight of Cups is all about romance and creative/artistic talent.
Card 2 represents past influences.
It was the Ace of Wands.
This card indicates that the querent recently embarked on a new venture of some sort...Something to do with creativity, artistic impression...The querent has vested alot of energy into this project/endeavor, with hopes that it will be the beginning of something major in their life.
Card 3 represents subconscious influences.
It was the Emperor.
Either the querent's rational mind is telling them to act responsibly and proceed with caution, or someone (an authority figure - possibly father or father figure) is looking over their shoulder. They have advice and guidance to offer, but they are waiting for the querent to ask for it. Even in silence, the querent knows what they think, but may not be ready to hear it out loud.
Card 4 represents secret desires and wishes.
It was Temperance.
This card depicts harmony and moderation. The querent just wants things to go smoothly for a change. They may need to slow down and re-evaluate the situation in order for this to happen, and it's very important that they keep themselves centered and grounded, and open to compromise.
Card 5 represents hidden forces.
It was the King of Cups.
This card also indicates that there is a strong male influence who is very sympathetic to the querents circumstances, and may be waiting to offer sound advice - he's simply waiting for the querent to be ready to receive the advice the way it is intended.
Card 6 represents events yet to come.
It was the 6 of Swords.
There will be a period of transition and change, and the querent will find themselves in a better place once the journey is over. It may be a physical journey or a mental journey.
Card 7 represents the surrounding environment.
It was the Queen of Pentacles.
By being sensible and practical, the querent can have what they want. There may be a female in the querents life who works very hard for her success, and is very wise, and she may be able to help point the querent in the right direction.
Card 8 represents the influence of others.
It was the 3 of Wands.
Someone will help the querent put their plans into action. Sucess will depend on teamwork and cooperation from others, and advertising will play an important role in that success.
Card 9 represents the spiritual forces at play.
It was the Wheel of Fortune.
New doors will open, and change will occur. The querent will move from one phase of life to another, and their circumstances will improve. A decision the querent will make will influence their spirituality considerably.
Card 10 represents the final outcome.
It was the 5 of Pentacles.
This card is a card of the future, and indicates that if the querent continues on the path they are on, the outcome is not the best. The 5 of Pentacles foretells of being down and out, possibly impoverished and unhappy. Perhaps the querent isn't using their talents wisely, or they may not be listening to their rational and practical mind to guide them to success. Or, it is possible that seeking the advice of someone who is more than willing to help might be the best recourse at this time.

The Lemniscate Spread

This spread was done for a dear friend of mine who was contemplating a career change.
I used the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy, because it fit her personality perfectly, and I used a spread called the Lemniscate Spread - it is an 8 card spread examining two choices. It is shaped like the lemniscate, or symbol of infinity.
The two choices were defined as staying with her current job, or taking an offer of a different job.
Cards 1 through 4 reflect the situation if she stays with her current job.
1) Represents staying with her current job from an emotional perspective.
It was the 2 of Pentacles.
Her current job is somewhat of a juggling act, all the way around. She's pulled in too many directions at once, and it is causing stress for her. The financial aspect of it adds more stress to her life, and she really wonders if it is time for a change. She is torn.
2) Represents staying with her current job from a spiritual perspective.
It was the Two of Cups.
This card is all about relationships, and I feel that she has a bond with someone (maybe even a spiritual connection) that she fears losing if she changes jobs at this point in time. This relationship is very important to her, and she does not want to affect it in a negative manner.
3) Represents staying with her current job from a practical perspective.
It was the 10 of Pentacles.
She actually feels her current job is more stable, and that staying with it is the logical choice, as it represents financial stability and security. She will also be able to advance and better herself in this position, but this is unknown to her at this point. This is something that will happen in the future.
4) Represents staying with her current job - the synthesis / outcome.
It was the Page of Wands.
By staying where she is, she will receive the opportunity for new growth. New opportunities will arise, very possibly a career change or advancement. Whatever happens, it will be good for her, and will be something that fires her passion and makes her happy.
5) Represents taking the new job from an emotional perspective.
It was the Magician.
She feels she has the ability to finally achieve her goal with the new job prospect. It would allow her to use her cumulative training in a broader sense. But her self confidence is standing in her way - she isn't sure she can handle the change and she isn't sure she will be happy with the new job. She shouldn't doubt herself or her potential - she's very capable of doing this, but she does.
6) Represents taking the new job from a spiritual perspective.
It was the Eight of Swords.
She is afraid of feeling overwhelmed, restricted, trapped and limited by this new job offer, and she fears the effect this would have on her life on so many levels.
7) Represents taking the new job from a practical perspective.
It was the 5 of Cups.
Combined with the 8 of Swords, I believe this is very negative as far as the new job goes. She will be disappointed and regretful if she takes it. She can work her way through it, but she is happy where she is, so it's a hard choice to make.
8) Represents taking the new job - the synthesis / outcome.
It was the 3 of Cups.
This is a card of celebration. She would celebrate a new life style and good fortune and abundance, but at what cost to herself? Financially, this may be the best choice for long term success, but she may have to compromise and forfeit doing what she loves in order to achieve it. It may just be a means to an end for her, but at what cost?

Bohemian Spread - general reading

This was a general reading done for someone by request. I used the Bohemian General Spread (from Aeclectic Tarot) and the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong.
This was my first time using this deck, and I'm not quite certain how I feel about it yet. The cards are designed so that you see an upright image in either a reversed or upright position, which is why I purchased the deck initially. The reading went well, but I do not care for the artwork on this deck as I had hoped that I would. The characters are very robotic in appearance, and not in the least easy to relate to.
This was also my first time using this particular spread. I like it, but it is very much a reading for the present, and has no real outcome positions. It consists of 21 cards, and 3 cards apply to each 'position'.
Cards 4, 11 & 18 represent love and desire for the querent.
4) The High Priestess Rx
11) Death Rx
18) Knight of Wands
The querent is feeling emotionally sensitive at this time, possibly ignoring her own needs and feelings. She feels as if she has a chance at a new beginning right now - but this new beginning will be built on an old and familiar foundation. She may be resisting some change that is necessary in order to move forward. I believe this change has to do with her career, and is of significant importance in her life. Her romantic relationship is being affected by her enthusiasm and energy at this point in time. It's all good...
Cards 5, 12, and 19 represent the unexpected.
5) Queen of Pentacles
12) King of Pentacles
19) 4 of Swords Rx
I believe the Queen and King of Pentacles represent the querent and her partner and the material / business / career successes they are consumed with right now. More than that, I believe the two of them compliment each other very well in achieving their goals. She may be pushing too hard, too far, too fast, and the cost may be high if she takes on more than she can handle. It's going to be important to stay centered and grounded, and take her time, and she must also reward herself with rest and relaxation now and then.
Cards 6, 13 and 20 represent present influences.
6) 7 of Cups Rx
13) 8 of Cups Rx
20) Judgement
She's been feeling rather scattered with her energies, her focus is off kilter. Teh confusion is clearing somewhat now, and she's anxious to get back on track. She is trying to be realistic, but she will have to be clear and specific with her goals in order to not run into obstacles in reaching them.
I believe there is something she is having difficulty letting go of, and that she has an important decision to make regarding this. It may be that she does not need to let go of it.
Cards 7, 14 and 21 represent luck and good fortune.
7) 3 of Swords
14) 5 of Swords Rx
21) Knight of Swords
These cards are not indicating luck or good fortune in the near future, as long as she continues on the course she is on. I believe there will be some loss, and I believe it will be career related - possibly back stabbing from coworkers, or conflict in the work place. It will hit fast and pass just as quickly, and she must use her head and not her heart to get through it.
Cards 1, 8 and 15 represent domestic matters and family influences.
1) 2 of Pentacles Rx
8) 4 of Wands
15) Page of Pentacles
She needs to be careful not to take on more than she can handle - if she does this, it will affect her family life and home life in a negative way. She needs to know her limits, and say "no" when need be. If she is able to do this and remain unfrazzled in the big scheme of things, her home life will blossom.
Cards 2, 9 and 16 represent work (career) and activities.
2) The World
9) The Hermit Rx
16) 9 of Cups Rx
She has just completed a cycle in her life and is starting out on a new journey. She's feeling fulfilled career wise, balanced and happy. Again, there is a strong indication that there is something she wants to run away from or refuse to deal with...She should not be complacent about her future. She still has work to do to get where she wants to be.
Cards 3, 10 and 17 represent friendship and romance.
3) Seven of Pentacles
10) 10 of Cups Rx
17) Lovers Rx
She should be patient with friendships and romance. They will grow and expand slowly, and there may be complications, but the end result will be worth the wait and perserverance. There may be conflict in the near future with family or close friends. The Lovers reversed indicates that there may be hurt feelings on the horizon, or that she is possibly questioning some choices she had made regarding relationships. She may be faced with an impossible choice regarding a relationship.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Daily draw

This week, I am using the Crystal Tarot by Elisabetta Trevisan for my daily draws.
This is an amazing deck, vaguely reminiscent of stained glass, which is why I was drawn to it initially. The major and court cards are breathtaking, and even though the pips are not 'scenic', they are beautiful.
This is not a deck that I would recommend for a beginner, but I would strongly recommend it for someone who wishes to read with unillustrated pips!
Once again, I have drawn the King of Swords! I cannot help but believe that I keep drawing this card because of the situation we are in, waiting for immigration to issue my husband's Visa. This card indicates and fair and impartial decision will be made.
I just wish they would hurry up and make it!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

3 card daily draw

This 3 card daily spread was done with the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, by Cristina Benintende.
The card for the day was the 9 of Wands. This card indicates that I may need to stand up for myself, my beliefs or someone that I love today...Just one more thing to do before the battle is over...
The card that represents the things I need to attend to today was the Queen of Swords. She is warning me to be careful of hardening myself too much in order to deal with the circumstances we are dealing with. I should never mask my emotional reactions completely - they are part of who I am.
The 4 of Wands represents what I need to watch out for today. This indicates that I may run up against an obstacle or hindrance, and that I should rest and gather my strength while I can - soon things will be full speed ahead and there will be no time for rest.

Friday, December 11, 2009

3 card daily draw

This draw was done with the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight by Cristina Benintende.
The card for the day was the King of Swords. This indicates a fair and impartial decision being made in our favour - not a bad card at all to get knowing that my husband's immigrant Visa is being processed at this time. It's also a reminder to me to do a bit of soul searching...Am I being overly rational and not trusting my emotions and intuition as I should at this point in time? Am I completely in touch with my feelings?
The 'attend to this' card was the 9 of Chalices. Another wonderful card for the day...My desires and wishes will be fulfilled, and I will be satisfied and content.
The 'what to look out for' card was the Knave of Wands! Good news or a chance for something new and exciting is on the way!
I feel this is a very strong reading pertaining to complex events that have been going on in our lives. It gives me hope and optimism at this point in time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 card daily draw

This daily draw is with the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, by Cristina Benintende.
The 'card of the day' is the Knave of Swords. The message the knave brings is that I need to use caution in decision making today. I should make sure I know what I am committing myself to in advance. This card also indicates that a delay or unexpected news may be on the horizon.
The 'attend to this' card is the 6 of Chalices. This indicates that today is a good day to take a walk down memory lane. There may be things from my past that I need to deal with before returning home.
The 'what to look out for' card is the 10 of Wands. This is the second time this week this card has appeared in a daily reading for me. This card warns me to be careful in taking on more than I can handle, or biting off more than I can chew. I need to acknowledge that I cannot do everything, no matter how much I want to try.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 card daily draw

This 3 card daily draw was done with the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight by Cristina Benintende.
The card of the day was the Ace of Chalices. Today is a new beginning on an emotional level. I need to focus on emotional renewal in my relationships. I will soon be back with my family and be blessed with love and happiness.
The 'attend to this' card was the 8 of Wands. This card indicates that something very important may happen today in regards to travel. It will be an end to a delay, and things will be going our way for a change. (Must remember to call the Dept. of State tomorrow and see if anything was accomplished today!)
The 'what to look out for' card was the Queen of Wands. The power of positive thinking will be important today. My passion for my family and my love of home and family life will be at the front.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 card daily draw

Another 3 card daily draw from Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, by Cristina Benintende!
The Card of the day was the 10 of Wands. This card encourages me to reflect on self imposed burdens and expand my awareness as far as they are concerned. I have a tendency to make things harder on myself than they have to be. The 10 of Wands reminds me that I am in the final stretch of my journey - it's time to acknowledge this and take better care of myself and my health.
The card in the "attend to this" position was the 4 of Pentacles. This card is telling me that structure, organization and realistic planning are very important in my life at this time. I need to get myself back on track! This is something I've lost sight of over the past few months.
Today, the card that warns me of what I need to look out for was The Empress. She is telling me that I need to pay attention to my instinct as well as my rational thoughts...It is important that I don't allow one to override the other. And, as always, she is reminding me to share my feelings with those that I love!

Monday, December 7, 2009

3 card daily draw

This week, I decided to go to a 3 card daily draw for myself. Since I'm doing an IDS with the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, I thought this would be the best deck choice for this week. This deck was designed by Cristina Benintende. After working with it in the IDS, I'm beginning to like the deck more. I do not believe it will ever be one of my favourites, but at least we're making friends!
The reason I chose to do a 3 card daily draw rather than drawing a single card is because I need more to work with at this time in my life. I need to know more than a single card draw is giving me. The majority of the single cards that I have been drawing have been major cards, signifying major events and changes in my life. I believe that drawing 3 cards for each day will allow me a better perspective on these changes.
Position 1 (upper middle) is the 'card for the day'. This card reflects important aspects of the day ahead. The Queen of Chalices was in this position.
Since I've been working very hard at keeping my emotions under control, this card is a very good overall card for me today. The Queen of Chalices is a card about compassion and emotional understanding...She is telling me to look within myself and analyze my feelings and emotions. She also reminds me to pay attention to my intuition. It cannot be ignored.
Position 2 (lower left) is the card that tells me what I must attend to today, or what is going to require attention in my life today. Judgement was the card thrown in this position.
I believe this card is telling me to develop new insight on handling my relationships with the people I am close to. Things like this can be hard to remember in times of stress. I believe this card is also urging me to contemplate the life that we will be leaving behind here, once we move forward.
Position 3 (lower right) is the card that tells me what to look out for today - feelings, desires, or reactions that may arise...The card was Temperance. (I am still on a roll with the Major Arcana, obviously!)
Temperance is telling me to work on my mental and emotional balance. I know that I need to throw a bit of rationality into the mix, and I've really been trying. I need to work on NOT over-reacting to everything, and achieve an inner balance that will allow me to remain calm and patient.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The High Priestess - daily draw

This is The High Priestess from the Legacy of the Divine tarot, by Ciro Marchetti.
By far, this is one of my favourite Major arcana cards in any deck, and is often one of the cards I want to see before choosing a deck for myself.
This card represents sacred truth and hidden knowledge. She urges you to follow your intuition, and always remain receptive and aware. She also warns of secrets, and silent potential. Look deeper than usual...The truth and knowledge are there, but you have to open yourself to them.
Now, to pick a deck for this week! I may go to a three card daily reading, as opposed to single card.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Today's Daily Draw

This is the 9 of Wands from the Legacy of the Divine tarot, by Ciro Marchetti.
Quite a 'sensible' daily draw to follow The Hermit!
This card indicates that it is time for me to regroup and build my strength in order to move on. I have to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses, and be very careful not to fall into the same traps again.
Emotionally, the past month has been very difficult. It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride for both of us. We've had more than our share of obstacles and challenges, and I haven't related well at all to the way I've been dealing with things. I've had alot of stress in my life, but I've never succumbed to it the way I have in the past couple of weeks.
This card reminds me that I can handle anything that comes my way, but I have to call on my inner reserves to do it.
I needed this card today.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Daily Draw

This is The Hermit from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti. This is one of my favourite renderings of the entire deck.
It is a beautifully moving card, and if someone has difficulty reading intuitively with this image, they probably shouldn't be trying to read intuitively at all!
The Hermit is a very apt card for me today, as I am trying to work on the way I feel and react to different situations. I bring alot of stress upon myself because of my emotional reactions, so The Hermit is reminding me to step back, and spend some time alone in quiet contemplation. I need to get in touch with my own inner guidance, and search for hidden truths and a deeper understanding of my reactions to the mundane world.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today's daily draw

This is The World, from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti.
It has been 8 days since I drew this same card from a different deck.
Honestly, I feel as if I should be drawing the Hanged Man daily. We are truly in limbo, and unable to get information on what is happening with our immigration. The Hanged Man would be very appropriate!
But, I continue to draw daily cards that are encouraging...Cards that tell me that something is happening...Something is changing. My hopes and expectations have been quite the roller coaster ride for me over the past month.
The World represents completion, a natural ending for something.
Yesterday, we finally received a response to the last email we had sent to the Montreal Consulate, but only after filing a complaint with the NVC about their refusal to answer emails. They informed us that our case had not been touched yet...They were still working on mail received the last of October. Our packet was not received in their office until November 4th.
Hearing this forced me to change the way I am thinking. I had to force myself to step back from the edge, and realize that we will not make it home for the holidays. I have to tell myself that we are almost there, and this will happen soon, it's just not going to happen as soon as I want it to happen. Having hope was causing my stress level to increase, so I had to release that. I believe this is the completion or the natural ending that The World is indicating today in my life.
I let go of the stress and anxiety for my own health. I am prepared to wait.
On a side note, I had a deck that I did not care for because of the deck quality (Liz Dean's Golden Tarot) and today, I was reading about doing timing readings with a deck you don't normally use for readings. I decided that the Golden would be a good deck to use for that, since I would not be using it for anything else.
I'm sitting there shuffling, itching to try the timing theory that I had read about, and of course, the only question that comes to mind is When will we get the Visa?
I shuffled and cut, and the 2 of Wands was the card that I got. 2 days??? That could totally change the meaning for The World and me today!
But I will NOT let this stress me out!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

General reading for a friend

After doing a personal reading for myself failed to calm me, I decided to move on to a reading that a friend of mine requested a couple of weeks ago.
She wanted a general reading. I'm not sure how serious she is about tarot, I honestly believe it was just the novelty of it that spurred her to ask for a reading, but I told her I would do one for her.
I used the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy, and a 21 card Gypsy Magic spread. This spread is based on 7 columns, with 3 cards in each column. Each column is assigned a question, and the 3 cards tell a 'story' in answer to the question.
Column A : Her emotional state of mind...
Cards: 10 of Pentacles, Page of Wands, 2 of Cups
She has strong family ties and support. She is happy. She may be concerned about a parent or in law at this time. She is optimistic, and has high hopes. She may even be considering a career change at this time. She is experiencing emotional change with either a new relationshp of intensified feelings in an old relationship.
Column B: Her home life...
Cards: The World, 9 of Cups, 3 of Wands
She has reached a long time goal and is feeling a sense of completion in this area of her life. Her desires are fulfilled on the home front - she is satisfied with the material happiness and financial well being that she has achieved. Even though she is happy with where she is in life, she continues to set more goals for the future. She is ambitious, and there is much more that she wants.
Column C: Her present desires, hopes and questions...
Cards: The Star, Queen of Swords, High Priestess
She is seeking spiritual happiness and inspiration. She would like to tap into her hidden potential and psychological depths, if she could only find the time and the focus. She sometimes wonders what it would feel like to have some time to herself - to get back to who she really is beyond being a wife, mother and teacher.
Column D: Her expectations...
Cards: 6 of Pentacles, The Sun, Justice
She wants what she feels she deserves from life. There is a strong indication from these cards that she desires a promotion or change in her career. She wants to continue to help others, but she also wants success and self fulfillment. She wants recognition.
Column E: What she does not expect / surprises...
Cards: 6 of Wands, 10 of Cups, King of Wands
She will receive the recognition she deserves - again, these cards point towards a promotion or career change. She will be rewarded in all matters of love/emotion/family relationships and spiritual growth. She will become exactly who she wanted to be when she 'grew up'. She will receive sound advice from a mature male in her life - someone she doesn't expect to receive advice from. She will take this advice to heart, and it will help her achieve what she wants.
Column F: Her immediate future...
Cards: Ace of Wands, The Hermit, Ace of Swords
Lots of important things will happen fairly quickly. These cards indicate the start of a new venture or intellectual enterprise and new experiences - most likely something positive and rewarding will come out of something painful or bad. She will seek the advice of someone who is very important to her future...She will need their assistance to make an important decision. It may be a spiritual advisor, or a teacher - someone she will learn from.
Column G: Her outcome and long term prospects...
Cards: Queen of Wands, 7 of Swords, 8 of Swords
Again, career is at the top of the reading. A promotion or career change is imminent, and she will be very successful at this. She should beware of someone doing something underhanded or deceitful, or of being pushed into a corner where she has to do something underhanded or deceitful herself. She may feel trapped or stuck in a difficult situation, but she needs to keep in mind that her limitations may be self imposed, and if they are, she can extricate herself.