Monday, November 30, 2009

Blanket Tarot Bags

Today's Daily Draw

This is the 10 of Coins from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti.
This is one of the most amazing decks I have ever seen, and I will be using it this week for my daily draws. I highly recommend this deck for any tarot enthusiast - beginner and experienced alike. It's a wonderful deck for reading intuitively.
This is a wonderful card for a daily draw. The 10 of Coins represents family ties and support, and comfort on a material plane. It may even indicate an inheritance or financial assistance in some way. This card can also indicate government work, and I am very hopeful that this is indicative of the immigration proceedings for us.
I have an amazing support system in my family, small as it is. If it weren't for them, I don't know how I would have gotten through these last few years dealing with immigration and everything else. My children are my life, and the entire reason we have been struggling to return to the US to live.
We have a very small family, but we are very close. I have two fantastic adult children, and both of them are my best friends. I sometimes believe that both of them are stronger than I could ever be. I have a son in law whom I love dearly, and an elderly grandmother who is a constant source of entertainment.
One of the most exciting things about going home will be merging my family together once and for all, and allowing my children to get to know my husband better. It's something I've only fantasized about for years.
It is something to truly look forward to!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lunatic Spread with Deviant Moon Tarot

This spread was done for a querent considering a career change - one that will be risky but less demanding so that she can pursue her artistic talents on the side. She is concerned about leaving the more demanding job to seek other employment that will allow more time for her art, and rightfully so in the economic situation we are in these days.
I chose the Lunatic Spread and the Deviant Moon Tarot, by produced by Patrick Valenza.
The question was phrased as: "What will happen if nothing changes for the querent career wise?"
Card 1 represents the querent now.
The card was the King of Wands.
Her passion and creativity are telling her to do one thing, but her rational mind tells her otherwise. She is torn between following her heart and following her head.
Card 2 represents past influences regarding her current situation.
The card was the 5 of Wands.
She has had a struggle or conflict of some sort, and I strongly feel this was in the work place. This has made her uncomfortable with her current situation.
Card 3 represents her subconscious influences.
The card was the Page of Pentacles.
Money and success are your main concerns at this time. She would really like to continue her education as far as her art goes, but that's not even a consideration right now. Security is her main worry.
Card 4 represents her secret desires and wishes.
The card was the 3 of Pentacles.
She just wants to pursue her artistic side, and there isn't a card that would say it any plainer than that. She would love to be able to generate enough income through her skills, and she is talented enough to do so. She will eventually turn those dreams into reality!
Card 5 represents hidden forces, or obstacles.
The card was The Chariot.
She's worried about how much control she will actually have over her life if she follows her heart right now. She isn't sure she wants to give up the security that she has right now. She is at a crossroad, and has to make a choice now.
Card 6 represents events yet to come.
The card was the Wheel of Fortune
Things are going to change very soon, and they will change for the better. The change may happen very rapidly, and she may not have to do a thing. She will be entering a cycle of luck and good fortune, and her circumstances are going to improve.
Card 7 represents the surrounding environment.
This card was The Lovers.
Again, she has a choice to make, and this choice will play a very important role in her life. She's going to have to choose a direction to take, but this card in this position seems a bit more important than the job situation. So the choice may be regarding a relationship or family situation...
Card 8 represents the influence of others.
This card was the Ace of Wands.
I believe she has an excellent support system for whatever she chooses to do. Alot of people care for her deeply, and want nothing more than her happiness.
Card 9 represents the spiritual forces.
The card was the King of Swords.
There is an overwhelming amount of strong, controlling male influences showing up in this reading, and at this point, they are getting very hard to ignore. I feel as if there is an authority figure that is influencing her decision more than anything else, and he may be unaware of her spirituality.
Card 10 represents the outcome.
The card was The Emperor
I believe she will receive a job promotion, or find a better job soon. She will become exactly who she wants to be, and she will be well respected in the art world. She must act responsibly in order to obtain this.
This reading was very heavy on masculine energy. The Major Arcana cards and the court cards indicate that this matter must be handled very carefully, and the choices that she makes should be well thought out, because the effects of those choices will be profound. I got an overall impression of a controlling male influence that I was unable to shake throughout the reading. I'm not sure whether it was a father figure or not.

Today's daily draw

This is the Knight of Pentacles from the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.
This card is my 'reality check' card. I've drawn it twice over the past couple of weeks, so it's time to sit up and take notice.
The Knight of Pentacles in an upright position indicates slow and steady progress, new people and experiences, and prosperity in financial matters in general.
As a reversed card, it indicates financial instability, delays, and dire circumstances.
I don't generally read with reverses. I try to utilize both the positive and negative aspects of each card, and allow my intuition to choose the proper meaning according to the situation. This method has never failed me.
I've been trying overly hard to be optimistic for the past few weeks, as we wait patiently for the Visa to arrive. I'm beginning to lose hope of being home for the holidays, and depression is setting in. Our financial situation is not good at this time - both of us are unemployed and jobs are hard to come by, especially when you know that you aren't going to even be in the area for very much longer.
So, I think it's time to allow myself to wander into the darker meanings behind the cards that I draw, instead of trying to maintain the optimism.
The negative aspects of this card today certainly fit our current situation, but we are still achieving slow and steady progress towards our ultimate goal.
I will merge the darkness into the light.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today's daily draw

This is the Queen of Cups from the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.
If I ever feel the need to use a significator in a personal reading, this is the card I choose for myself.
She is the queen of emotions - and being an empath, there isn't a card in the deck that relates to me more appropriately.
This card is about sensitivity, intuition, dreams, and psychic abilities. The Queen of Cups represents the special love we have for friends and family, and how much our intuition guides us through our lives in these areas.
I will spend some time today nurturing the Queen of Cups within me. I will listen to my inner voice, and try to keep my emotions under control. I will look a bit deeper to determine where they are coming from, and what I can do to make things better.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Today's daily draw

No picture today! I can't get a decent one this late in the evening without using the flash, and if I use the flash, you can't see the image!

Today, I used the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy. The card I drew was Justice.

I seem to be on a roll with the Major Arcana and court cards lately. And it's not surprising...Important things are happening in my life, while I sit on the sidelines and wait...And wait...

The Justice card signfies being judged. In an upright position, it usually points towards a fair outcome, a restoration of balance. This card also warns me to be careful and fair and weigh all decisions that I have to make.

Right now, our lives are in the governments hands, waiting for my husband's Visa to arrive. It's been a long hard road, and all of the cards I've drawn recently seem to revolve around our current situation being resolved fairly.

I just wish something would happen...I'm so tired of waiting, and after 7 years, I believe I've been more than patient.

Yesterday's daily draw

This is The Moon from the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.
It's actually one of my favourite cards from this deck.
The Moon warns of deceit and illusion. This card tells me to pay attention to my dreams and intuition. I need to give special thought to my psychic awareness. If I am deceiving myself in any manner, I need to consider this, and try to get to the bottom of the reason I am deceiving myself to start with. It may also be that I'm being deceived by someone else, but in this case, I truly believe I am deceiving myself on a specific matter.
It also encourages me to pursue creative avenues.

More tarot bags

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today's Daily Draw

This is the Queen of Swords from the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.
I seem to draw alot of swords when reading for myself these days!
The Queen of Swords reminds me to use my intellect and my will wisely...I must listen to my head rather than my heart. She may even represent me, as myself, as I'm very analytical, and very dependent on my insightfulness to get me through the day. She also represents sarcasm and wit - and those who know me well will vouch that I can be quite heavy on both!
This is a card that represents solitary efforts. I have a tendency to want to 'go it alone', but I must be able to realize when this is possible and when it is not. She tells me to make my wants and needs clear - no beating around the bush with this lady.
She also reminds me that while it is sometimes necessary to allow my rational to rule over my emotions, trying to always be rational and logical can suppress my emotional expression too much.
This was a very good card for me today...A bit of a 'wake up' call - one I didn't really realize that I needed!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Career spread for clarification

This spread was done with the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.
It was done as a clarification spread for someone, after an initial spread regarding career choices was done a week ago. In my opinion, the initial spread told her what she needed to know, but she wanted to pursue the matter further. She recently lost her job, and is trying to determine whether to venture out on her own with a business, or seek employment with someone else. The initial spread encouraged her to seek a job working for someone else, while attempting to get her own business off the ground. I expected much the same from this spread.
I used a 9 card career spread posted on Aeclectic tarot by member Netzach. I really like this spread and will most likely use it again.
Out of 9 cards, 5 were Major Arcana cards, so this is a very significant answer for the querent.
Card 1 represents the querent, now.
The card was The Tower.
She recently lost her job, so at this point, she is feeling as if everything has tumbled around her. She suffered loss and a reversal in finances, and things have changed drastically.
Card 2 represents how the querent is feeling about the future now.
The card was The Empress.
She is concerned about her family and making the right choices in order to provide for them. She is feeling blocked right now because of emotional stress and financial worries.
Card 3 represents the direction she needs to go in.
The card was The Fool.
She wants to take a leap into the unknown, but deep down, she knows that this is not her best bet for security and success. Once again, I believe this card is cautioning the querent to be cautious about her choices. She shouldn't go with her heart at this point, she needs to be logical and rational and go with what her head is telling her. She stands to lose alot by making a poor decision right now based on poor judgement. She needs to act responsibly, and choose the most secure path at this point, which I believe is seeking employment elsewhere while working to build up her own business on the side.
Card 4 represents the obstacles she will face.
The card was the Queen of Cups.
Her emotions are interfering with her ability to make the right choice. She will need to pay special attention to her hunches and intuition at this time, and she should beware of the possibility that someone is trying to deceive her in some way - it may be simply by telling her what she wants to hear rather than what they truly believe.
Card 5 represents who she should accept advice from.
The card was the Ace of Swords.
As a person, this card represents someone in her life who is very logical and authoritative, and possibly very controlling. It may be someone who is affiliated with the legal system, or the medical profession in some way.
Card 6 represents who she should NOT accept advice from.
The card was The Hierophant.
With these two cards opposing each other, I get a very strong sense that this is a decision she should make alone, without any input from outside forces. As a person, The Hierophant could be a minister or a teacher, BUT, it could also be someone in a legal profession or medical profession, which is contradictory to the last card reflecting who she SHOULD take advice from. For this reason, I believe she should rely on herself alone to make this decision.
She knows deep down what needs to be done.
Cards 7, 8 and 9 represent a general assessment of what she should do.
The cards were The Sun, the Knight of Pentacles, and the Four of Wands.
These cards are telling her to do what is important to her, and what she finds rewarding, but she also needs to do what is realistic and will offer her hope and optimism for long term. This may mean delaying something that she really wants in order to achieve it. If she takes the best path (two jobs - working for someone else and for herself) she will be making slow and steady progress towards her ultimate goal of having her own business. It will all pay off in the end, even though it may not be what she wants right now. She will be insuring her long term success with the actions she takes today. It will be a stage of growth and development for her own business, which will eventually become a reality.

Personal spread for near future

I am currently doing an IDS with Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, by Cristina Benintende, so all of my personal spreads will be done with this deck until I've finished the IDS.
This spread was done because of all the daily cards I've been throwing for myself. They all indicate that change is occuring, but I cannot see it happening.
We are currently awaiting my husband's Visa from the US Consulate in Montreal, and the wait is excrutiating. The immigration process has been very long and very drawn out, and knowing that we are at the end of it has made our stress level much more intense than it was before. I'm very eager to go home and get my life back in order. The passport and necessary paperwork have been in Montreal for over 2 weeks, and we are unable to contact them for the status, so we're living every day, anxiously awaiting news.
Since all my daily draws were indicating that 'something' was happening, I decided to take a more thorough look at matters with this spread.
I used 8 cards, with assigned positions. This spread came from member rcb30872 on Aeclectic Tarot.
Card 1 asked: What challenges are we facing?
The card in this position was The Sun.
The Sun is an optimistic card, it's very difficult to find a negative aspect to it. But, in this case, I believe the delayed success we are experiencing at this point in time is the only challenge we face. This card indicates this, but also tells me that it will all work out in the end.
Card 2 asked: How do we face these challenges?
The card in this position was the Knight of Wands.
This card is all about change, journeys / traveling, and matters of importance - a very accurate portrayal of the things we are facing at this point in time. The Knight of Wands tells us that we need to have energy, enthusiasm and optimism to get through this. Someone from far away may lend their assistance.
Card 3 asked: What will be the outcome of facing these challenges?
The card in this position was the 5 of Wands.
The 5 of Wands tells us that success will come, but we will have to be assertive and aggressive to achieve what we want. Once this is all resolved, we will feel immense relief that the struggle is over.
Card 4 asked: What love opportunities will we have?
The card in this position was the 4 of Pentacles.
I believe this card may represent two different aspects. The kids and Pete are going to have to go through an adjustment period. They have never 'shared' me on a full time basis, and I believe this will be a transition for all of them, as well as myself. I also believe that this card indicates the growth that will occur in all of our relationships because of the changing circumstances. We will all be together, and my time will not be divided between them.
Card 5 asked: What career opportunities will I have?
The card in this position was the 6 of Chalices.
This could indicate that I may find work through an old friend or acquaintance, or simply that I will be returning to my old line of work in healthcare, which I have missed very much.
Card 6 asked: What financial opportunities will we have?
The card in this position was the Knave of Swords - this confused me a bit, so I threw another card for clarification...It was Temperance.
We will need to use moderation and wise money management in order to get back on our feet, and it may take some time. We will have to use our heads and proceed with caution.
Card 7 asked: What will our luck be like?
The card in this position is the 6 of Pentacles.
We will be rewarded by all our efforts - we will finally get what we've been striving for all this time, and it will be enough to make us very happy. We will get what we deserve, and we will be able to help others.
Card 8 asked: What will our overall near future be like as a result of the above?
The card in this position is the 9 of Wands.
We will still have hurdles to clear, but we will be on firm ground and able to do so. Life won't be simple for awhile, but with what we are facing, that's no surprise.
This was the first time I have used this spread, and overall, I like it. I would probably change up some of the questions for the next time I use it, but I am content with the answers I got.
I just have to be patient, and continue the wait.

Today's Daily Draw

This is the Ace of Swords from the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.
Considering this card and the cards I've thrown daily for the past week, I believe it's time to do an 'in depth' reading for the near future. My expectations are high, but I feel as if I'm spinning my wheels.
The Ace of Swords depicts strength in adversity. We've certainly had our share of adversity of late, but I'm not feeling overly strong. I ask the question "What do I need to know today" before my draws, and I believe the Ace of Swords is trying to remind me that better days are very close, I just have to keep my sanity and remain strong and mentally alert to get there!
This card denotes the beginning of something promising, and this will come out of the struggles we've been going through. I just have to remember that the hurdles must be cleared...But most of all, she is reminding me that I have the power to clear them!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Another tarot bag design

This bag was made with my Paulina Tarot deck in mind. I wanted something soft and pretty to match the deck.
I used 3 layers of fabric gift wrap, with the top two layers being gossamer white, and the bottom layer being red. This produced a very pale red effect, almost pink.
The bag is a little stiff, so I will probably refrain from using 3 layers in the future.

Today's Daily Draw

This week, I will be working with the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.
This is one of my favourite tarot decks! I love the renderings the artist chose. It's a 'soft' deck, and I find it very feminine.
The card for today is The World. When doing my daily draws, I simply ask the cards what I need to know, and draw a card for the day.
The World card for today tells me that something in my life is reaching a natural conclusion. I am at the end of one phase of my life, and preparing to move on to another. This card also symbolizes success, freedom and peace, and may even represent enlightenment and spiritual well being. Traveling or journey-ing is often indicated with this card.
This is a wonderful card for me at this point in my life. We are anxiously awaiting my husband's Visa from the US Consulate, and preparing to begin a new life together in the area that I grew up in. I am very hopeful that drawing this card today indicates that this will be something we can do in the immediate future.
Come on, Visa!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today's Daily Draw

This is the 3 of Pentacles from the Deviant Moon Tarot, by Patrick Valenza.
Another card regarding work and creative abilities! That's three pentacles in a row for daily draws, so I really need to sit up and take notice.
This card reflects the early stages of something - something with potential that is just beginning. It tells me that I am off to a good start, and that I need to pursue avenues that will make my talents known, and cultivate this.
I have been very busy the past few days designing tarot bags and doing readings. I believe these last 3 cards are telling me to look deeper into what I'm doing - it's something I enjoy, but it's also something I may be able to profit from financially.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More tarot bag designs

Today's Daily Draw

This is the Knight of Pentacles from the Deviant Moon Tarot, by Patrick Valenza.
The Knight of Pentacles suggests that we are making slow and steady progress towards a goal, most likely related to material concerns. Hopefully, this is an indication that our immigration finalization is on someone's desk, and they are almost ready to stamp that Visa in his passport!
This card also indicates new people and new experiences in life, as well as financial improvements. Right now, we could use a little of both!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tarot bags from fabric gift wrap

Tarot bag for my husband

This is another bag made out of that old faded pair of jeans that I could not bear to throw away!
I made this one for my husband, and the Eye of Horus is hand sewn in sequins.
If I do another like this, I believe I will alternate the sequin colours rather than do solid 'lines' of single colours.
This one is smaller than the one I made for my Deviant Moon deck - but it fits his Gilded Tarot perfectly!

Tarot bag for Tarot of a Moon Garden

This was my first tarot deck, so I thought it deserved a good home.
This bag is made from fabric gift wrap, and is lined with the same. The sequins were sewn by hand in the shape of a pentacle.

Tarot Bag for Faeries' Oracle

This bag was made for my Faeries' Oracle deck.
The faeries were insistent that they be able to 'see' out of the bag!
I purchased this material around Halloween, and liked it so much that I also made a large spread cloth out of it, bejeweled with multi-coloured sequins all around the edge.

Today's Daily Draw

This is the 8 of Pentacles from the Deviant Moon Tarot, by Patrick Valenza.
A very appropriate card for my daily draw today!
I've recently started making tarot bags, and have had several requests for them, so today is going to be spent working creatively and designing bags for various decks and by request.
The 8 of Pentacles focused on talent and craftsmanship, but it also has to do with doing something that you love...Something you can put your heart into! Since tarot is somewhat of an obsession for me, what could possibly be more enjoyable than designing beautiful tarot bags and spread cloths for the cards?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Denim Tarot Bag

I was quite bored yesterday, and decided to drag out the sewing machine and work on some tarot bags for myself.
I had an old worn out pair of blue jeans that should have been discarded long ago, but you know how that is...The old ones are the most comfortable ones, and it is difficult to part with them.
Normally, I prefer having my tarot decks in silk or satin bags, but it dawned on me that for my favourite deck, what could possibly be more appropriate than to wrap them in my favourite pair of worn out jeans!
This is the end result. I did the sequins by hand, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. My Deviant Moon Tarot is nestled snuggle-y inside!
I plan to make another one today for my husband, but will sew the Eye of Horus on his in sequins.
Anything to fill my days!

Today's Daily Draw

This is the King of Swords from the Deviant Moon Tarot, by Patrick Valenza.
The Swords must really be trying to tell me something this week!
The King of Swords represents authority, rationality and control. He is also very fair in all of his decisions, and extremely analytical.
Today, in my life, I believe this card is telling me that a decision that I have been waiting for will be made. This thought is compounded by yesterday's card, the Page of Swords.
My deepest hope is that this has something to do with my husband's Visa being issued, as we are awaiting this in hopes that we can return home for the holidays.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's Daily Draw

This is the Page of Swords from the Deviant Moon Tarot, by Patrick Valenza.
This card represents a need for quick thinking and decisiveness today. The Page urges me to remain logical and fair in every decision that I make.
Since Pages often represent messengers, and swords are the suit of thought, this card could indicate unexpected news.
When I draw a card like this, it seems I always anticipate the worse. We are currently awaiting news on two different issues in our lives, so drawing this card for the day can really make me second guess myself if I allow it to happen.
In reality, unexpected news isn't always bad news, it's just unexpected! And it never hurts to be reminded to use your head rather than your heart in certain matters!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's Daily Draw

This is the 9 of Pentacles from the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza.

The rendering depicts an affluent lady, out for a leisurely walk with her favourite pet.

This is a card about self and independence. We should always be able to rely on ourselves and be self sufficient.

In this card, she is comfortable being alone, and enjoying her status in life. She is in control of herself, but this doesn't mean she didn't work hard to get to this point. It's nice to be able to relax and enjoy the rewards that you've worked so hard for.

I believe she is content in her own skin, with her own thoughts, and this is very important. While she may not relish being alone, she is capable of going solo without any ill effects on her psyche.

I believe the message this card brings to me today is that I've allowed others to take care of me and my needs long enough. I need to stand on my own two feet and regain my independence. I used to be this woman, and I can be her once again.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Today's Daily Draw

This week, I will be working with the Deviant Moon Tarot, by Patrick Valenza.

I absolutely love this tarot deck. I find it to be humorous and quirky, and I get amazing readings by using this deck. However, I only use it for certain people - mainly those who can relate to it on the level that it was intended. It is a very blunt deck, and if you don't want the truth, you should never consult it. But Patrick designed it so that it can also make you see the humour in places you wouldn't normally expect to find it.

The card for today is The Sun!

I love it when this card comes up in readings! It brightens my day, much like the actual sun in the sky.

And this card truly represents a ray of sunlight coming into your life... Today is full of hope and optimism. I've not had too many days like this recently, so I welcome it with open arms.

I am a sun worshiper - always have been, and I have the skin to prove it! This card makes me think of good fortune and happy times spent with loved ones. There is nothing any more relaxing and rejuvenating to me than spending a day at the beach, basking in the sun's glow. It is funny that I should draw this card for today...We've had very unusual warm weather over the past couple of weeks, and today is the first day the impending winter has shown itself. This card makes me feel warm, and happy to be alive, even if the inclement weather is winding up outside.

This card also represents illumination on a mental and spiritual level.

I am optimistic that this day will be a good one!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My tarot assistant...

Jack, our 3 year old male cat, insists on helping me with my tarot readings.
As soon as he hears me shuffling the cards, he appears from nowhere, and plants himself between me and the spread. He seems to be drawn to it, and he doesn't interfere. In fact, the readings done with him seem to be more intense, and they flow very well.

Personal reading

This was the first reading I had done for myself in quite some time.
The tarot deck used is the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza. The spread is a 10 card Cosmic Spread. The question was just a general "What's going on in my life right now" kind of spread...
Card 1 represents the distant past.
The card was Justice.
We have spent the past 7 years being judged, dealing with Pete's immigration. Justice has been a constant factor in our lives. All we wanted was a fair decision, which we received on September 30th of this year. Justice prevailed, but it consumed our lives for a very long time.
Card 2 represents the recent past.
The card was the 5 of Wands.
Struggle and conflict has continued, both financially and with immigration, while we wait, unemployed, for the Visa to be issued. So, while the stress isn't the same, it is still there. We were elated to find out his waiver had been approved, but we were soon back in limbo, again.
Card 3 represents the current issue.
The card was the Knight of Pentacles.
We are finally getting somewhere, but it's been a very long, very slow process, with lots of repetition required for us regarding forms, physical exams, etc...Things will improve from here on!
Card 4 represents possible future influences.
The card was the Ace of Swords.
I will have to remain strong and use my head rather than my heart. We are entering into a successful time in our lives, more so than we have known together in the past. Legal matters will still be involved, and a medical situation may influence our actions. But, ultimately, we will overcome the obstacles!
Card 5 represents events to bring resolution.
The card was the Queen of Wands.
A strong independent female is indicated here - perhaps the Consulate officer in charge of issuing the Visa, or the customs officer we will deal with when we do go through to the US. It could even represent me, and the strength and passion I will need to see this through - my intense need to bring my family together could easily make this true, but I have a very strong intuition that it is a female other than me who is involved in our future.
Card 6 represents my present attitude.
The card was the 5 of Pentacles.
We are down and out right now, understandably so. We're both unemployed and worried about several different things. Everything is uncertain as far as the Visa goes, and we're concerned about the health of a loved one. It's hard to see a way through it all at this point in time.
Card 7 represents helping influences.
The card was the Queen of Cups.
Emotions and intuition are seeing me through this. I need to rely on my intuition and believe in it - this will all work out. I need to pay close attention to psychic perceptions and dreams. I am the Queen of Cups - I need to allow her confidence to see me through this.
Card 8 represents distracting influences.
The card was the 3 of Swords.
My emotions have been out of control for so long, and I gave up in many ways, even though I never admitted it aloud. I''ve been separated from my loved ones so much, and I've been under alot of stress. It's hard for me to imagine things improving at this point. I need to let go of all of this, and stop doubting everything and allow myself to be hopeful again, now that I have reason to do so.
Card 9 represents my old focus.
The card was The Moon.
I've been deceiving myself. I've been too passive and too receptive to my negative thoughts. My subconscious deceived me into believing that things would never work out. I became so down and depressed that I allowed this to happen. It became a way of life.
Card 10 represents my new focus.
The card was the 5 of Swords.
I am so worried about 'winning' this battle that I may not have considered the consequences of actually winning. I may win, but at what cost?

Health reading

This spread was done with the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.
It was for someone who is having health problems, and I chose the Golden Dawn Spread, using 15 cards.
Cards 1, 2 and 3 represent the person who is ill, their personality and current situation.
The cards were: 1) The World, 2) 7 of Swords and 3) Temperance.
She has reached a stage of completion in her life, and she is both content and happy that she is close to obtaining her goal. She's ready to move onward and have this part of her life behind her. She just wants to be at peace.
I believe these 3 cards symbolize the strong unwavering Christian faith that make up such a huge part of her life. They are saying that she isn't afraid, and is completely at peace with whatever comes out of this.
Cards 4, 8 & 12 represent the current path she is on and what is likely to occur if no action is taken.
The cards were: 4) 9 of Pentacles, 8) 6 of Cups and 12) 10 of Pentacles
She will be fine. She is fulfilled and happy. She doesn't like to be alone, and she's able to move forward with many happy memories of her life.
These cards also indicate 'completion', as well as strong family ties. Her legacy will live on.
Cards 5, 9 & 13 represent the alternative path she might choose.
The cards were: 5) Page of Swords, 9) Knight of Swords and 13) 5 of Wands
She will face problems and will need to seek professional advice. It will involve great struggle. She will need to be very aggressive, rather than the passive person that she is. The news will be upsetting.
I believe this indicates that a treatment may be offered, but she will not want to take this route, if everyone is truthful and up front with her. I also believe that there are those who will try to get her to take a different route than the one she chooses, but it will not be in her best interest to do so. I believe this 'alternative path may be treatment.
Cards 6, 10 & 14 represent infromation that may be useful to her in decision making regarding this situation.
The cards were: 6) 7 of Cups, 10) 2 of Cups and 14) Ace of Wands
She will be conflicted as to which choice to make. One choice is an illusion, so she needs to make sure she is well informed before making a decision. An emotional bond that she has with someone will help her to make the decision. She will see this as a major change in her life, and possibly even as a new venture.
I believe the choice will be between having treatment at the advice of those here with her, or electing to not have treatment to be with her husband. She has no fear of the latter option, but the first one scares her.
Cards 7, 11 & 15 represent influences out of her control.
The cards were: 7) 3 of Swords, 11) 9 of Wands and 15) 5 of Swords
She has felt intense emotional pain and loss since her husband passed on. This could also represent a surgical procedure with distressing news or a bad outcome. She thinks she is prepared for whatever happens, and as far as her faith goes, she is. But she doesn't know if she wants to fight whatever is going on with her, or even if she is capable of fighting it. She has limitations, and this battle may be more than she is willing to take on. These 3 cards in this position can also represent physical death or a funeral, which leads me to believe she would be fighting the inevitable, since these are the things that are out of her control.

Today's Daily Draw

This is "Ta'Om the Poet" from Brian Froud's Faeries' Oracle.
Ta'Om is one of my favourite of the faeries. He reminds me of my husband...Not in looks, but in his soul...
Ta'Om wants me to see things as they really are, and appreciate them for their basic, simplistic message.
He's telling me not to be so serious - and I know that this is something that I really need to work on. It's been difficult recently, as everything we've been dealing with has required a certain amount of seriousness! I worry so much that it literally sucks the fun out of life, and Ta'Om is reminding me of this.
He wants me to laugh, and he wants me to return to being my old mischievious self, much like he is at all times. He is encouraging me to write, if only for my own eyes.
He tells me to put my heart and soul into living my life - something I haven't done in quite some time because of the limbo that we have been in.
He communicates all of this while running ahead of me, with a twinkle in his eyes.
For just one second there, he IS me...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today's Daily Draw

This is "The Faery Godmother" from Brian Froud's Faeries' Oracle.
I find it to be one of the most beautiful cards in the deck.
Her name is Sairie - and she is the Faery Godmother.
It's impossible to gaze at this card without feeling good about the things that are going on in your life. She lifts our moods, and offers us her protection. She is the epitome of 'grace', and she reminds us to incorporate this quality into our daily lives. She urges us to be kind to others, and good things are usually on the horizon when she shows up in a reading, especially when you're feeling down and don't believe you have much to look forward to!
She wears a beautiful crown of flowers and stars, and she holds two spheres in her hands. She is surrounded by creatures of the magical forest.
She is someone we all need to welcome into our lives.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Today's daily draw

This is the "Death" card from Brian Froud's Faeries' Oracle.
Surprisedly, Death is one of my favourite cards in any deck.
I understand how many might find it frightening, but things are not always as they appear to be. The Death card very rarely indicates a physical death.
In most instances, it tells of imminent change. Something will 'die' or be left in the past, and a new phase of life will begin. It's usually a significant change, involving letting go of one thing and embracing another. Something has reached a natural ending, and in realizing this, you discover it is time to move on.
So, today, I will try to find something in my life that I need to release.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's daily draw

This is "The Friends" card from Brian Froud's Faeries' Oracle.

Faery Nuff and Laochan are the best of friends. They are reminding me today to value my friendships. This is something that I try to do each and every day.

I'm looking forward to going home and being able to spend time with my friends again. I miss those long talks and visits so much!

I've always considered my time here in Ontario to be temporary, and I haven't allowed myself to form close friendships like the ones I have with my friends back in Kentucky. It was hard enough to say goodbye to them, so I suppose it was a bit of self preservation that led me to limit the depths of the friendships I have formed here in Canada.

I'm very blessed with friends, and I must try to never take these relationships for granted.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today's daily draw

This is "The Bodacious Bodach" from Brian Froud's Faeries' Oracle Deck - my card for the day.

This card represents someone who is tampering with my life, or meddling in a part of my life that they have no business being involved in. They might even believe that they are trying to help, but this is rarely the case.

Today, I should focus on tying up my own loose ends, before someone else tries to do it for me! Not a difficult task, if you know what those 'loose ends' are!

This is something I will have to think about throughout the day. And perhaps this faery is also telling me to finish what I start, because if I don't, someone else may just come along and decide to 'help me out'.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today's daily draw

This is "O! That Gnome" from Brian Froud's Faery Oracle...I have been doing a daily draw with this deck for quite some time. I use the card messages as (more or less) a daily motto or inspirational message.

"O! That Gnome" warns that this day may be a chaotic one - but it will be creative chaos, which is always inspiring! He's reminding me to be willing to take risks...He's a bit of a trickster, so if I give him the opportunity, he will make sure that I fall on my face at least once, just to give me a different perspective on things!

So, today, my creative chaos is in starting this blog...A bit of a tribute to "O! That Gnome" for the part he plays in my everyday life, and the inspiration he brings me. I will embrace this day, and remain open to the unexpected.