Friday, January 25, 2013


I have developed an obsessive fascination for owls!  I collect figurines of them, pictures of them, pillows, etc.  I have also started working with different crafty ways to make them.  They are everywhere!

The ones you see above can be made quite easily.  They are on canvases.  You can choose from a wide array of spray paints, metallic, gloss, satin or matte.  The best to work with in my opinion is Krylon.  I tried Valspar because they had a wider selection of different colors, but should you have the need to wrap them, the Valspar paint will pull off in spots when the wrapping is removed.

The mediums I use to make the pictures are scrapbook paper, felt, buttons, rhinestones, and even the little curly-q paper clips that come in different colors. 

I draw my owl first, on drawing paper.  I do this by making a line down the center of the paper so I can keep the owl centered while drawing it.  I then cut the pieces of the owl apart and trace them onto the scrapbook paper.  The owl, limbs, etc. can be added to dry canvas with Mod Podge - I keep baby wipes on hand to wipe excess from canvas so there are no streaks when it dries.

All other embellishments should be added with hot glue.  If you wish, you can cover the finished picture with matte or gloss clear finish.

I am hoping to branch out into other animals and do custom canvases.  For now, I just enjoy doing it!

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