Monday, November 16, 2009

Today's Daily Draw

This week, I will be working with the Deviant Moon Tarot, by Patrick Valenza.

I absolutely love this tarot deck. I find it to be humorous and quirky, and I get amazing readings by using this deck. However, I only use it for certain people - mainly those who can relate to it on the level that it was intended. It is a very blunt deck, and if you don't want the truth, you should never consult it. But Patrick designed it so that it can also make you see the humour in places you wouldn't normally expect to find it.

The card for today is The Sun!

I love it when this card comes up in readings! It brightens my day, much like the actual sun in the sky.

And this card truly represents a ray of sunlight coming into your life... Today is full of hope and optimism. I've not had too many days like this recently, so I welcome it with open arms.

I am a sun worshiper - always have been, and I have the skin to prove it! This card makes me think of good fortune and happy times spent with loved ones. There is nothing any more relaxing and rejuvenating to me than spending a day at the beach, basking in the sun's glow. It is funny that I should draw this card for today...We've had very unusual warm weather over the past couple of weeks, and today is the first day the impending winter has shown itself. This card makes me feel warm, and happy to be alive, even if the inclement weather is winding up outside.

This card also represents illumination on a mental and spiritual level.

I am optimistic that this day will be a good one!

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