Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lunatic Spread with Deviant Moon Tarot

This spread was done for a querent considering a career change - one that will be risky but less demanding so that she can pursue her artistic talents on the side. She is concerned about leaving the more demanding job to seek other employment that will allow more time for her art, and rightfully so in the economic situation we are in these days.
I chose the Lunatic Spread and the Deviant Moon Tarot, by produced by Patrick Valenza.
The question was phrased as: "What will happen if nothing changes for the querent career wise?"
Card 1 represents the querent now.
The card was the King of Wands.
Her passion and creativity are telling her to do one thing, but her rational mind tells her otherwise. She is torn between following her heart and following her head.
Card 2 represents past influences regarding her current situation.
The card was the 5 of Wands.
She has had a struggle or conflict of some sort, and I strongly feel this was in the work place. This has made her uncomfortable with her current situation.
Card 3 represents her subconscious influences.
The card was the Page of Pentacles.
Money and success are your main concerns at this time. She would really like to continue her education as far as her art goes, but that's not even a consideration right now. Security is her main worry.
Card 4 represents her secret desires and wishes.
The card was the 3 of Pentacles.
She just wants to pursue her artistic side, and there isn't a card that would say it any plainer than that. She would love to be able to generate enough income through her skills, and she is talented enough to do so. She will eventually turn those dreams into reality!
Card 5 represents hidden forces, or obstacles.
The card was The Chariot.
She's worried about how much control she will actually have over her life if she follows her heart right now. She isn't sure she wants to give up the security that she has right now. She is at a crossroad, and has to make a choice now.
Card 6 represents events yet to come.
The card was the Wheel of Fortune
Things are going to change very soon, and they will change for the better. The change may happen very rapidly, and she may not have to do a thing. She will be entering a cycle of luck and good fortune, and her circumstances are going to improve.
Card 7 represents the surrounding environment.
This card was The Lovers.
Again, she has a choice to make, and this choice will play a very important role in her life. She's going to have to choose a direction to take, but this card in this position seems a bit more important than the job situation. So the choice may be regarding a relationship or family situation...
Card 8 represents the influence of others.
This card was the Ace of Wands.
I believe she has an excellent support system for whatever she chooses to do. Alot of people care for her deeply, and want nothing more than her happiness.
Card 9 represents the spiritual forces.
The card was the King of Swords.
There is an overwhelming amount of strong, controlling male influences showing up in this reading, and at this point, they are getting very hard to ignore. I feel as if there is an authority figure that is influencing her decision more than anything else, and he may be unaware of her spirituality.
Card 10 represents the outcome.
The card was The Emperor
I believe she will receive a job promotion, or find a better job soon. She will become exactly who she wants to be, and she will be well respected in the art world. She must act responsibly in order to obtain this.
This reading was very heavy on masculine energy. The Major Arcana cards and the court cards indicate that this matter must be handled very carefully, and the choices that she makes should be well thought out, because the effects of those choices will be profound. I got an overall impression of a controlling male influence that I was unable to shake throughout the reading. I'm not sure whether it was a father figure or not.

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