Sunday, November 15, 2009

Personal reading

This was the first reading I had done for myself in quite some time.
The tarot deck used is the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza. The spread is a 10 card Cosmic Spread. The question was just a general "What's going on in my life right now" kind of spread...
Card 1 represents the distant past.
The card was Justice.
We have spent the past 7 years being judged, dealing with Pete's immigration. Justice has been a constant factor in our lives. All we wanted was a fair decision, which we received on September 30th of this year. Justice prevailed, but it consumed our lives for a very long time.
Card 2 represents the recent past.
The card was the 5 of Wands.
Struggle and conflict has continued, both financially and with immigration, while we wait, unemployed, for the Visa to be issued. So, while the stress isn't the same, it is still there. We were elated to find out his waiver had been approved, but we were soon back in limbo, again.
Card 3 represents the current issue.
The card was the Knight of Pentacles.
We are finally getting somewhere, but it's been a very long, very slow process, with lots of repetition required for us regarding forms, physical exams, etc...Things will improve from here on!
Card 4 represents possible future influences.
The card was the Ace of Swords.
I will have to remain strong and use my head rather than my heart. We are entering into a successful time in our lives, more so than we have known together in the past. Legal matters will still be involved, and a medical situation may influence our actions. But, ultimately, we will overcome the obstacles!
Card 5 represents events to bring resolution.
The card was the Queen of Wands.
A strong independent female is indicated here - perhaps the Consulate officer in charge of issuing the Visa, or the customs officer we will deal with when we do go through to the US. It could even represent me, and the strength and passion I will need to see this through - my intense need to bring my family together could easily make this true, but I have a very strong intuition that it is a female other than me who is involved in our future.
Card 6 represents my present attitude.
The card was the 5 of Pentacles.
We are down and out right now, understandably so. We're both unemployed and worried about several different things. Everything is uncertain as far as the Visa goes, and we're concerned about the health of a loved one. It's hard to see a way through it all at this point in time.
Card 7 represents helping influences.
The card was the Queen of Cups.
Emotions and intuition are seeing me through this. I need to rely on my intuition and believe in it - this will all work out. I need to pay close attention to psychic perceptions and dreams. I am the Queen of Cups - I need to allow her confidence to see me through this.
Card 8 represents distracting influences.
The card was the 3 of Swords.
My emotions have been out of control for so long, and I gave up in many ways, even though I never admitted it aloud. I''ve been separated from my loved ones so much, and I've been under alot of stress. It's hard for me to imagine things improving at this point. I need to let go of all of this, and stop doubting everything and allow myself to be hopeful again, now that I have reason to do so.
Card 9 represents my old focus.
The card was The Moon.
I've been deceiving myself. I've been too passive and too receptive to my negative thoughts. My subconscious deceived me into believing that things would never work out. I became so down and depressed that I allowed this to happen. It became a way of life.
Card 10 represents my new focus.
The card was the 5 of Swords.
I am so worried about 'winning' this battle that I may not have considered the consequences of actually winning. I may win, but at what cost?

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