Sunday, November 15, 2009

Health reading

This spread was done with the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.
It was for someone who is having health problems, and I chose the Golden Dawn Spread, using 15 cards.
Cards 1, 2 and 3 represent the person who is ill, their personality and current situation.
The cards were: 1) The World, 2) 7 of Swords and 3) Temperance.
She has reached a stage of completion in her life, and she is both content and happy that she is close to obtaining her goal. She's ready to move onward and have this part of her life behind her. She just wants to be at peace.
I believe these 3 cards symbolize the strong unwavering Christian faith that make up such a huge part of her life. They are saying that she isn't afraid, and is completely at peace with whatever comes out of this.
Cards 4, 8 & 12 represent the current path she is on and what is likely to occur if no action is taken.
The cards were: 4) 9 of Pentacles, 8) 6 of Cups and 12) 10 of Pentacles
She will be fine. She is fulfilled and happy. She doesn't like to be alone, and she's able to move forward with many happy memories of her life.
These cards also indicate 'completion', as well as strong family ties. Her legacy will live on.
Cards 5, 9 & 13 represent the alternative path she might choose.
The cards were: 5) Page of Swords, 9) Knight of Swords and 13) 5 of Wands
She will face problems and will need to seek professional advice. It will involve great struggle. She will need to be very aggressive, rather than the passive person that she is. The news will be upsetting.
I believe this indicates that a treatment may be offered, but she will not want to take this route, if everyone is truthful and up front with her. I also believe that there are those who will try to get her to take a different route than the one she chooses, but it will not be in her best interest to do so. I believe this 'alternative path may be treatment.
Cards 6, 10 & 14 represent infromation that may be useful to her in decision making regarding this situation.
The cards were: 6) 7 of Cups, 10) 2 of Cups and 14) Ace of Wands
She will be conflicted as to which choice to make. One choice is an illusion, so she needs to make sure she is well informed before making a decision. An emotional bond that she has with someone will help her to make the decision. She will see this as a major change in her life, and possibly even as a new venture.
I believe the choice will be between having treatment at the advice of those here with her, or electing to not have treatment to be with her husband. She has no fear of the latter option, but the first one scares her.
Cards 7, 11 & 15 represent influences out of her control.
The cards were: 7) 3 of Swords, 11) 9 of Wands and 15) 5 of Swords
She has felt intense emotional pain and loss since her husband passed on. This could also represent a surgical procedure with distressing news or a bad outcome. She thinks she is prepared for whatever happens, and as far as her faith goes, she is. But she doesn't know if she wants to fight whatever is going on with her, or even if she is capable of fighting it. She has limitations, and this battle may be more than she is willing to take on. These 3 cards in this position can also represent physical death or a funeral, which leads me to believe she would be fighting the inevitable, since these are the things that are out of her control.

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