Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Lunatic Spread - general reading

This spread was done for a friend who just wanted a general reading.
I chose the Deviant Moon tarot deck and the Lunatic spread, both designed by Patrick Valenza.
This deck is absolutely amazing to read with. It holds nothing back, and the answers are as clear as they can be. This deck doesn't coddle or walk on egg shells - it is blunt and to the point, just like me. I truly believe this deck gives me the best readings of all the decks I have, and I am waiting with anticipation for a 'sister deck' that Patrick is working on. He is one of the most inspiring tarot creators I've encountered, and he is a genuine sweetheart on a personal level.
This is a basic 10 card general reading.
Card 1 represents the querent now.
It was the Knight of Cups.
The querent is following their dreams - that is what they do best. In this case, I truly feel the querent IS the Knight of Cups, as the Knight of Cups is all about romance and creative/artistic talent.
Card 2 represents past influences.
It was the Ace of Wands.
This card indicates that the querent recently embarked on a new venture of some sort...Something to do with creativity, artistic impression...The querent has vested alot of energy into this project/endeavor, with hopes that it will be the beginning of something major in their life.
Card 3 represents subconscious influences.
It was the Emperor.
Either the querent's rational mind is telling them to act responsibly and proceed with caution, or someone (an authority figure - possibly father or father figure) is looking over their shoulder. They have advice and guidance to offer, but they are waiting for the querent to ask for it. Even in silence, the querent knows what they think, but may not be ready to hear it out loud.
Card 4 represents secret desires and wishes.
It was Temperance.
This card depicts harmony and moderation. The querent just wants things to go smoothly for a change. They may need to slow down and re-evaluate the situation in order for this to happen, and it's very important that they keep themselves centered and grounded, and open to compromise.
Card 5 represents hidden forces.
It was the King of Cups.
This card also indicates that there is a strong male influence who is very sympathetic to the querents circumstances, and may be waiting to offer sound advice - he's simply waiting for the querent to be ready to receive the advice the way it is intended.
Card 6 represents events yet to come.
It was the 6 of Swords.
There will be a period of transition and change, and the querent will find themselves in a better place once the journey is over. It may be a physical journey or a mental journey.
Card 7 represents the surrounding environment.
It was the Queen of Pentacles.
By being sensible and practical, the querent can have what they want. There may be a female in the querents life who works very hard for her success, and is very wise, and she may be able to help point the querent in the right direction.
Card 8 represents the influence of others.
It was the 3 of Wands.
Someone will help the querent put their plans into action. Sucess will depend on teamwork and cooperation from others, and advertising will play an important role in that success.
Card 9 represents the spiritual forces at play.
It was the Wheel of Fortune.
New doors will open, and change will occur. The querent will move from one phase of life to another, and their circumstances will improve. A decision the querent will make will influence their spirituality considerably.
Card 10 represents the final outcome.
It was the 5 of Pentacles.
This card is a card of the future, and indicates that if the querent continues on the path they are on, the outcome is not the best. The 5 of Pentacles foretells of being down and out, possibly impoverished and unhappy. Perhaps the querent isn't using their talents wisely, or they may not be listening to their rational and practical mind to guide them to success. Or, it is possible that seeking the advice of someone who is more than willing to help might be the best recourse at this time.

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