Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily draw for Wednesday - 12/23/09

This daily 3 card spread was done with the Sacred Rose tarot.

The Queen of Pentacles represents the important aspects of the day ahead. She is reminding me to take a sensible and practical approach to the day.

The King of Wands represents personal issues that I will need to attend to today. I need to listen carefully to Pete, and stay in tune with his thoughts and emotions. This transition is going to be harder for him than it will be for me. I am going back to familiarity. He is going into the unknown. I need to be attentive to his needs in all of this.

The 9 of Cups represents desires and reactions that may arise on this day. My dreams and desires are truly coming to fruition. Hopefully, this is an indication that Pete's Visa will arrive today! We found out on Tuesday that it was issued last Friday, so it should be here anytime!

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