Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Deck Interview - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

This deck interview was done with one of my favourite decks - The Legacy of the Divine Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti.

No surprises in the interview!

The 4 of Coins represents the most important characteristic of this deck. For one split second, I was a "huh?" moment, until I realized that while it is a very generous deck, it would very much like to keep me all to itself! I consider this deck the greatest gift to my tarot journey to date.

The Queen of Cups represents the strengths of this deck. Empathy and intuition ooze from the cards, and I find the readings very 'relationship' oriented.

Faith represents the limitations of this deck. There are NO limitations. This deck is everything it needs to be, to everyone who uses it.

The 10 of Coins represents what this deck is here to teach me. It will teach me completion. It will bring me success in the manifestation of my desires.

The Knight of Swords represents how I can best learn from / collaborate with this deck. I must keep my mind sharp, and remain idealistic and analytical.

The Page of Cups represents what will be the outcome of our working relationships. I knew it would be a Cup for this deck! Sweetness, kindness, increased empathy and a wonderful relationship with tarot will come from working with this deck.

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