Sunday, December 20, 2009

3 card daily draw - Monday, 12/21/09

This is my personal 3 card daily draw for Monday, done with the Sacred Rose Tarot.
The 6 of Pentacles represents important aspects of the day ahead. Today will be a good day for reaching out and helping others, and possibly even receiving a bit of help, myself!
The 2 of Cups represents personal issues that will require my attention. I need to make sure I am appreciative of all the wonderful relationships that I have. They are truly amazing, and I am very fortunate.
The 10 of Cups represents feelings, desires and reactions that may arise today. This is a very promising card, considering my only desire right now is to get home and be back with my family. The 10 of Cups sums up all of my hopes and dreams at this time, and represents family harmony, contentment, good relationships, and travel!

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