Monday, December 21, 2009

Daily draw for Tuesday - 12/22/09

This is a 3 card daily spread done with the Sacred Rose Tarot.
The 9 of Pentacles represents important aspects of the day ahead. This will be a good day to spend some time alone with my thoughts, and consider our financial situation and how to improve things in the coming year. Perhaps it will be a good day to work on getting both of our resumes ready for the move.
The 2 of Wands represents personal issues that need attention. I may need to deal with some inner conflict, but for the most part, I will have to deal with WAITING on our opportunity, as I have been for quite some time. Hopefully the wait is coming to an end.
The 6 of Swords represents feelings, desires and reactions that may arise during the day. It is time to be optimistic over the upcoming changes - brighter days are ahead, and travel will be soon.

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