Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today's daily draw

This is The World, from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti.
It has been 8 days since I drew this same card from a different deck.
Honestly, I feel as if I should be drawing the Hanged Man daily. We are truly in limbo, and unable to get information on what is happening with our immigration. The Hanged Man would be very appropriate!
But, I continue to draw daily cards that are encouraging...Cards that tell me that something is happening...Something is changing. My hopes and expectations have been quite the roller coaster ride for me over the past month.
The World represents completion, a natural ending for something.
Yesterday, we finally received a response to the last email we had sent to the Montreal Consulate, but only after filing a complaint with the NVC about their refusal to answer emails. They informed us that our case had not been touched yet...They were still working on mail received the last of October. Our packet was not received in their office until November 4th.
Hearing this forced me to change the way I am thinking. I had to force myself to step back from the edge, and realize that we will not make it home for the holidays. I have to tell myself that we are almost there, and this will happen soon, it's just not going to happen as soon as I want it to happen. Having hope was causing my stress level to increase, so I had to release that. I believe this is the completion or the natural ending that The World is indicating today in my life.
I let go of the stress and anxiety for my own health. I am prepared to wait.
On a side note, I had a deck that I did not care for because of the deck quality (Liz Dean's Golden Tarot) and today, I was reading about doing timing readings with a deck you don't normally use for readings. I decided that the Golden would be a good deck to use for that, since I would not be using it for anything else.
I'm sitting there shuffling, itching to try the timing theory that I had read about, and of course, the only question that comes to mind is When will we get the Visa?
I shuffled and cut, and the 2 of Wands was the card that I got. 2 days??? That could totally change the meaning for The World and me today!
But I will NOT let this stress me out!

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