Monday, December 21, 2009

Deck Interview - The Paulina Tarot

I really enjoyed doing the new deck interview spread with the Sacred Rose tarot, so I thought I would do it with some of my older decks.
This one was done with the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy. (I'm anxiously awaiting her new deck - Joie de Vivre tarot!)
The Paulina is one of my favourite decks. It's very feminine, and has the feel of old New Orleans. I've gotten amazing readings so far from this deck, and the deck interview went pretty much as I expected.
The 2 of Cups represents the most important characteristic of the Paulina.
This is very interesting, because the 2 of Cups is one of my favourite cards in any deck, and almost always shows up in readings that I do for myself, or that someone else does for me - along with The Lovers and Ace of Cups! The Paulina is telling me that her most important characteristic is her emotional bonding with the reader. I agree wholeheartedly!
The Ace of Pentacles represents the Paulina's strengths as a tarot deck.
She is brimming over with common sense, and her energy is inspirational.
The Sun is the card that is supposed to represent the limits of the Paulina as a deck.
The Paulina has NO limits.
The 10 of Wands represents what the Paulina is here to teach me.
She wants me to know that I cannot do everything, and cannot be everything to everyone. I take on too much at times, and she is here to teach me to recognize my own limits.
The Fool represents how I can best learn/collaborate with the Paulina!
As long as I remain open and receptive, we shall get along just fine. I can't think of a better card to draw in this position!
The Page of Pentacles represents the potential outcome of our working relationship together.
We will learn from each other and reach success together!
This will definitely be a deck that I will be using for a very long time to come. The Paulina is one of my favourites to do my own personal readings with, but I also rely on this deck for many of my female querents that she suits!

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