Monday, December 7, 2009

3 card daily draw

This week, I decided to go to a 3 card daily draw for myself. Since I'm doing an IDS with the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, I thought this would be the best deck choice for this week. This deck was designed by Cristina Benintende. After working with it in the IDS, I'm beginning to like the deck more. I do not believe it will ever be one of my favourites, but at least we're making friends!
The reason I chose to do a 3 card daily draw rather than drawing a single card is because I need more to work with at this time in my life. I need to know more than a single card draw is giving me. The majority of the single cards that I have been drawing have been major cards, signifying major events and changes in my life. I believe that drawing 3 cards for each day will allow me a better perspective on these changes.
Position 1 (upper middle) is the 'card for the day'. This card reflects important aspects of the day ahead. The Queen of Chalices was in this position.
Since I've been working very hard at keeping my emotions under control, this card is a very good overall card for me today. The Queen of Chalices is a card about compassion and emotional understanding...She is telling me to look within myself and analyze my feelings and emotions. She also reminds me to pay attention to my intuition. It cannot be ignored.
Position 2 (lower left) is the card that tells me what I must attend to today, or what is going to require attention in my life today. Judgement was the card thrown in this position.
I believe this card is telling me to develop new insight on handling my relationships with the people I am close to. Things like this can be hard to remember in times of stress. I believe this card is also urging me to contemplate the life that we will be leaving behind here, once we move forward.
Position 3 (lower right) is the card that tells me what to look out for today - feelings, desires, or reactions that may arise...The card was Temperance. (I am still on a roll with the Major Arcana, obviously!)
Temperance is telling me to work on my mental and emotional balance. I know that I need to throw a bit of rationality into the mix, and I've really been trying. I need to work on NOT over-reacting to everything, and achieve an inner balance that will allow me to remain calm and patient.

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