Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bohemian Spread - general reading

This was a general reading done for someone by request. I used the Bohemian General Spread (from Aeclectic Tarot) and the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong.
This was my first time using this deck, and I'm not quite certain how I feel about it yet. The cards are designed so that you see an upright image in either a reversed or upright position, which is why I purchased the deck initially. The reading went well, but I do not care for the artwork on this deck as I had hoped that I would. The characters are very robotic in appearance, and not in the least easy to relate to.
This was also my first time using this particular spread. I like it, but it is very much a reading for the present, and has no real outcome positions. It consists of 21 cards, and 3 cards apply to each 'position'.
Cards 4, 11 & 18 represent love and desire for the querent.
4) The High Priestess Rx
11) Death Rx
18) Knight of Wands
The querent is feeling emotionally sensitive at this time, possibly ignoring her own needs and feelings. She feels as if she has a chance at a new beginning right now - but this new beginning will be built on an old and familiar foundation. She may be resisting some change that is necessary in order to move forward. I believe this change has to do with her career, and is of significant importance in her life. Her romantic relationship is being affected by her enthusiasm and energy at this point in time. It's all good...
Cards 5, 12, and 19 represent the unexpected.
5) Queen of Pentacles
12) King of Pentacles
19) 4 of Swords Rx
I believe the Queen and King of Pentacles represent the querent and her partner and the material / business / career successes they are consumed with right now. More than that, I believe the two of them compliment each other very well in achieving their goals. She may be pushing too hard, too far, too fast, and the cost may be high if she takes on more than she can handle. It's going to be important to stay centered and grounded, and take her time, and she must also reward herself with rest and relaxation now and then.
Cards 6, 13 and 20 represent present influences.
6) 7 of Cups Rx
13) 8 of Cups Rx
20) Judgement
She's been feeling rather scattered with her energies, her focus is off kilter. Teh confusion is clearing somewhat now, and she's anxious to get back on track. She is trying to be realistic, but she will have to be clear and specific with her goals in order to not run into obstacles in reaching them.
I believe there is something she is having difficulty letting go of, and that she has an important decision to make regarding this. It may be that she does not need to let go of it.
Cards 7, 14 and 21 represent luck and good fortune.
7) 3 of Swords
14) 5 of Swords Rx
21) Knight of Swords
These cards are not indicating luck or good fortune in the near future, as long as she continues on the course she is on. I believe there will be some loss, and I believe it will be career related - possibly back stabbing from coworkers, or conflict in the work place. It will hit fast and pass just as quickly, and she must use her head and not her heart to get through it.
Cards 1, 8 and 15 represent domestic matters and family influences.
1) 2 of Pentacles Rx
8) 4 of Wands
15) Page of Pentacles
She needs to be careful not to take on more than she can handle - if she does this, it will affect her family life and home life in a negative way. She needs to know her limits, and say "no" when need be. If she is able to do this and remain unfrazzled in the big scheme of things, her home life will blossom.
Cards 2, 9 and 16 represent work (career) and activities.
2) The World
9) The Hermit Rx
16) 9 of Cups Rx
She has just completed a cycle in her life and is starting out on a new journey. She's feeling fulfilled career wise, balanced and happy. Again, there is a strong indication that there is something she wants to run away from or refuse to deal with...She should not be complacent about her future. She still has work to do to get where she wants to be.
Cards 3, 10 and 17 represent friendship and romance.
3) Seven of Pentacles
10) 10 of Cups Rx
17) Lovers Rx
She should be patient with friendships and romance. They will grow and expand slowly, and there may be complications, but the end result will be worth the wait and perserverance. There may be conflict in the near future with family or close friends. The Lovers reversed indicates that there may be hurt feelings on the horizon, or that she is possibly questioning some choices she had made regarding relationships. She may be faced with an impossible choice regarding a relationship.

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