Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 Card Daily Draw

This is a 3 card daily draw done with the Celestial Tarot.

Two of Swords
Princess of Swords
Ace of Cups

I have a choice to make and it is time to stop burying my head in the sand. Why am I being so passive? I've never been passive a day in my life, and now it's all I know to do. The Princess of Swords must be very important for today, because as soon as I laid the cards down, Jack jumped into my lap and put his little paw on this card and repeatedly pulled it closer to me, as if it were the only one that mattered. She and Jack are telling me to brace myself for upsetting news, and another possible delay. But, even so, the Ace of Cups foretells emotional renewal, and happiness to come!

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