Monday, January 25, 2010

Karmic Connection Spread

This is a 18 card spread taken from the book "Card Divination" by Jeanne Ruland. I chose to use the Sacred Rose tarot.

The Ten of Cups represents our relationship union. Emotional completeness, spiritual happiness, undying love - it is the perfect union.

The Moon represents my power of fate / where I come from. I am his moonlit fantasy. I am not as perfect as he believes that I am. My psychic abilities and intuition have brought me to where I am today.

The Three of Cups represents his power of fate / where he comes from. He endured a terrible marriage, filled with infidelity, lack of love, and unhappiness. His recover and healing has been long and difficult.

The Page of Wands represents from where do we know each other. We were lovers in a former life, first and foremost, and the passion between us has always existed.

The Page of Pentacles represents what connected us in an earlier life / what was our task. Our love of nature and open mindedness was a huge undeniable magnet for us, then and now.

The High Priestess represents what connects us today/ what is our task today. Spiritual forces, intuitive awareness, and the passion that always simmers just below the surface will always be our connection.

The Five of Cups represents what I mean to Pete. His emotional pain is over, and he sees me as somewhat of a saviour from his past. I give him hope, and confidence in himself.

The Magician represents what Pete means to me. He enlightens me every single day as to what a real relationship should be like. I am nourished by his skill and his presence.

The Five of Swords represents what needs to be recovered / worked on/ developed further. We just need to focus on leaving all the negativity behind us, and rid ourselves of people who bring negative energy into our lives.

The Seven of Swords represents where our union takes us. I drew another card for clarification - it was the Knight of Swords. Some sort of loss is ahead, and certainly not an easy road to travel, but we will welcome new peopled and new experiences into our lives.

The Knight of Cups represents our changes of growth within our current situation. It is very good. We will follow our dreams together. We are very good for each other emotionally and physically, and we will find out own Utopia.

The Six of Swords represents what natural force we need to particularly observe in our relationship. We need to move away from stresses and trouble. We've earned the right to be happy. We need to acknowledge what needs to be left behind and follow through with it.

The Nine of Pentacles represents what comes to aid our union from the spiritual world. A love for nature and the outdoors and having time to ourselves will always bring us back to our true selves.

The Four of Cups represents which force accompanies our union. Revitalization, renewed relationships with others and with ourselves will be our guiding force.

The Four of Wands represents under which star our union stands. Creativity, prosperity and joy will light the way for us.

The Emperor represents what cosmic power assists us in further developing / redeeming our relationship. Pete will come into his own in his new life, and this will change him considerably. It will give him confidence and allow him to feel better about himself.

The Page of Swords represents what helps us and heals our relationship. Travel
and change have been eagerly awaited by both of us, We'll need to use our heads over our hearts, but the healing will be available to both of us.

The Two of Cups represents what helps us to develop / pursue / redeem our karmic affair. We belong together. Always have...Always will

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