Monday, January 25, 2010

The Giant Book of Card Divination - 130 New and Traditional Techniques by Jeanne Ruland

This is an excellent book for readers who are looking for a wide variety of tarot spreads, especially for those who like to incorporate more than one deck into a spread. All of the spreads Ms. Ruland provides can be done with a single deck, but she gives detailed information on using multiple decks for the spreads she provides in the book.

This is a 288 page softcover book. She provides Oracle Technique spreads, spreads for clarification and decision making, relationship and partnership spreads, career and finance spreads, health (chakra) spreads, health (Elemental) spreads, self knowledge and healing spreads, life spreads for use throughout the varying stages of your life by age / time spans, themes of life spreads (birthday, expecting parents, death, grief, etc.), Feng Shui spreads, Festivities of the year spreads (Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, etc.), Nature spirit spreads (Elemental, angels, Gods & Goddesses, etc.), Hermetic Principles, and other miscellaneous spreads. They are all very original and thought provoking.

This is definitely an excellent addition to any tarot readers' library!

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