Monday, January 18, 2010

5 card daily draw

I knew this was going to be a challenging day and we'd need to be well prepared. We were dealing with the family in dividing up my mother in laws possessions and cleaning out her apartment. I chose to do a 5 card daily draw to get a good synopsis of how the day would go.

I used the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.

The mood of the day was represented by the Five of Wands. Considering the day, I shouldn't have expected anything other than this card. The day was a struggle and battle, filled with greed and insensitivity. Ironically, even the number '5' was representative of the ones who caused the conflict by taking no ones feelings into consideration other than their own.

The person of the day was represented by Temperance. I strongly feel this was Pete. He is the person that is most important to me on this day, He is the person who needs to come through this intact, with a new knowledge of his siblings and how they really are. The day needs to be as peaceful and harmonious as I can possibly make it for him.

The events of the day were represented by the Eight of Cups. Today will be a turning point for us, a time to move forward from here. We will say our final goodbye to Grace and her home and move on. I believe it will somewhat represent a sort of goodbye with the family, too. This is truly the last time I believe we will all come together before Pete and I leave. I don't believe they will make any effort beyond that. When we leave Grace's today, we will be walking away from what kept us here in Canada and walking towards our future. Things will never be the same again.

The Lesson of the Day is represented by the Queen of Pentacles. We will take a lesson in greed and gluttony away from this, but it won't be a surprise. We already know who the 'Queen of Pentacles' is.

The Gift of the day is represented by the Page of Wands. We will have a new perspective by the end of this day. Good news may be a factor in our new outlook.

This reading was dead on. There were no real surprises in the cards. The family behaved just as we expected them to, but Pete managed to walk away unscathed. We will never have to deal with them on this level again.

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