Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pete's Personal Year Reading

I chose to use the Legacy of the Divine tarot deck in this spread for Pete.

This is a Personal Year reading, using 13 cards.

The Devil was the card for January. This foretells of financial struggles, and self imposed bondage. It is important to recognize that it is easy to be your own prisoner, and just as easy to break the ties.

The Two of Cups was the card for February. This is a month of committed love, and deep relationships with family.

The Queen of Wands was the card for March. He will feel empowered and expressive, very passionate. He will start to balance his family life with work interests.

The Hanging Man was the card for April. He will begin to look at things from a new perspective. This will be his choice, not something that is forced.

Temperance was the card for May. This will be a month of balance and moderation. He will begin to adjust to his new life. He may make a new friend that surprises him!

The Ace of Coins was the card for June. He will get an opportunity that has fantastic potential. He shouldn't dismiss it. It will lead to financial security and material comfort.

The Four of Wands was the card for July. This will be a month to celebrate how far he has come and all the good things he has in his life.

Strength was the card for August. He will begin to have faith in himself and see himself in a different light. He is starting to feel like he's getting back on his feet.

The King of Cups was the card for September. His fatherly instincts will be very much at the forefront this month - someone may come to him for advice because of his understanding and empathy.

The Eight of Cups was the card for October. This will be a month for change, as if he hasn't seen enough this year. He will move from one situation that isn't working towards one that will work.

The Two of Wands is the card for November. This is a month of choice and opportunity - time to take charge of his life. It may involve moving, or changing jobs.

Faith is the card for December. Some sort of ceremony or spiritual focus will highlight this month. This could indicate your first holidays with your new family.

The overall year card was the Six of Cups. This will be a good year, full of wonderful memories...You will feel nostalgic and even homesick at times, but you will embrace your new life completely.

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