Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tia's Personal Year Spread

I chose to do Tia's reading with the Paulina Tarot. This is a 13 card spread, with one card for each month of the year, and the final card is an overview of the year.

The Page of Cups was her card for January. It will be a month of good news, happy emotional events, and emotional rebirth. (This was the same card that I got for myself for the month of January!)

The Nine of Cups was her card for February. She will see her desires and wants fulfilled this month. She will feel a sense of contentment and well being...She finally has what she wants and her dreams are coming true.

The Ten of Cups was her card for March. This will be a great month for matters of love, emotions and amazing relationships.

The Moon was her card for April. This month, she should remain passive and receptive - she should trust her intuition. Something or someone may not be what they appear to be - she should beware of lies and deceit, or illusion.

The Seven of Wands was her card for May. She may have to take a stand for something that is important to her this month. It may involve some sort of conflict or something that is finally coming to a head. She has the advantage, even if she doesn't know it.

The Empress was her card for June. I truly believe she will find herself pregnant this month, or at least beginning to give serious consideration towards expanding her family. (Knowing Tia, she'll get another dog...)

The Emperor was her card for July. This really makes me believe there just might be a baby in the works. This is a card of responsibility and rationality, but it can also represent an important father figure in her life - someone preparing for the future.

The King of Swords was her card for August. A decision will be made this month that will be very important to her. She will need to be very careful and not make others feel she is ignoring their feelings.

The Three of Pentacles was her card for September. A change in residence is in store this month. This will be a step up in her life, a change in status. Decorating and nesting will be the highlight of the month.

The Queen of Wands was her card for October. This card could easily be Tia's significator. She is the Queen of Wands. This will be a good month for work and home life. She may receive good advice from another attractive and sensible female!

The Queen of Pentacles was her card for November. This is a month of prosperity, security and luxury - she can finally enjoy all her material comforts. The hard part is over.

The Hierophant was her card for December. There may be some sort of ceremony or spiritual focus this month. It is all about moral development.

The overall year card was the Eight of Wands. This year is going to be filled with good things for Tia...Understanding, harmony, important changes and journeys, and lots of good news. She is moving very quickly towards achieving all her goals. Life is good.

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