Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nate's Calendar Year spread

This calendar year spread was done for my son in law, with the Sacred Rose tarot deck, by Johanna Sherman.

The Five of Swords represents the month of January. He needs to be careful and not bite off more than he can chew this month, and if he does, he needs to be willing to acknowledge it and re-evaluate the situation. Someone may be sabotaging his efforts.

The Wheel of Fortune represents the month of February. Things will really start to look up this month. He will see a change for the better in some aspect of his life. The change will happen quickly, and once it does, everything will go his way.

The King of Wands represents the month of March. He will need to take control of a situation. He may receive some very good advice from a mature male - he's probably very strong and very generous in Nate's eyes, and will have his best interest at heart.

The Sun represents the month of April. This will be a great month! Everything will go very smoothly. He will be more optimistic and happy than he has been in awhile.

The Six of Wands represents the month of May. He will receive good news this month - something that will make him feel triumphant and victorious! Problems will just disappear...

The Two of Swords represents the month of June. An important choice will need to be made this month. The decision may be difficult and emotional, and he will have to give it alot of thought, but it will be very important to deal with it and resolve it.

The Empress represents the month of July. I truly believe he will find that Tia is pregnant this month, as this really coincides with Tia's calendar year reading. Or, they may possibly conceive this month. This may be related to the choice they had to make last month!

The Queen of Pentacles represents the month of August. This month is all about the good things in life for Nate - and it also indicates pregnancy! He will be very happy where he is in life this month, all the way around.

The Magician represents the month of September. I believe he will see a change in his work situation. He will find his father is turning more responsibility for the farm over to him. He has great faith in Nate and the skills and expertise he has developed over the years. He is starting to slowly shift the power over to Nate.

The Hermit represents the month of October. He may find himself really needing a vacation this month - he will need some time to himself to just breath and catch up. It's been a hectic year. He has earned it.

The Ace of Wands represents the month of November. He's rejuvenated and ready to go again! He is excited about all the changes that are going on in his life right now, and he's feeling on top of the world.

The Hanged Man represents the month of December. He can feel the effect the changes in his life are having on him. It's time to slow down, relax, and re-evaluate everything - the changes that have already come about as well as the changes that are to come.

The Emperor was his overall card for the year. This whole year will be about personal growth and maturity for him. He is becoming his own person, and he is really coming into his own. This is yet another card that indicates impending fatherhood for him.

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