Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 Card Daily Draw - Sunday, January 3rd

This week, I'm working with the Faeries' Oracle Deck, by Brian Froud. For today, I chose to draw 3 cards.

The Bright Mother
The Piper
The Oak Men

The Bright Mother wants me to take a personal inventory of all that is right in my life. I should ask myself if there is anything that needs to be changed at this point.

The Piper urges me to lose myself in my music for awhile today - something I haven't been doing too often lately. It is good for my soul, and The Piper reminds me that it will be therapeutic and healing. I can communicate without words through my music.

The Oak Men are reminding me to look beneath the surface, and take my time. There is no need to rush or make thoughtless decisions.

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