Monday, January 18, 2010

3 Month Time Tree Spread for myself

This spread was done for myself, to determine what the next 3 months will bring. I chose the Paulina Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy.

1 represents the Past. The card was The Magician. We've been very focused towards achieving a goal for a very long time. We've worked very hard towards it, using everything in our power to get to where we want to be. It worked, and we are almost done.

2 & 3 represent the current - the 'now'. The cards were the Five of Swords and Knight of Pentacles. We are feeling disillusioned and defeated. The victory we achieved feels empty and void of meaning. We are in a bad place financially, with little to no hope on the horizon.

4,5 & 6 represent the next 1-4 weeks in my life. The cards were The Lovers, The Hermit, and Queen of Pentacles. We will only have each other to depend upon, and a choice will have to be made. It will require soul searching and looking within. A woman may show generosity towards us.

7 & 8 represent the following 5-8 weeks (month 2). The cards were The Moon and the Hanged Man. There will be confusion and illusion, as well as self deceit. We will be forced to adapt to changes, readjustment will be in order. We will feel as if we are back in a state of limbo again.

9 represents the following 9-12 weeks (month 3). The card was the Two of Cups. We will be happy. There will be a need for cooperation with others.

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