Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gypsy Magic spread

This spread was done for a friend of my daughter. She just requested a general spread, so I automatically chose my favourite, a 21 card Gypsy spread.

I chose the Paulina Tarot for the reading, but I somehow goofed up the pic of the actual spread.

Column A represents her emotional state of mind.

The cards in this column were the Queen of Wands, The Star, and the Six of Cups.

I truly believe the Queen of Wands represents her. She is a woman who is very passionate about everything in life - someone who is competent and career minded, and always the life of the party. The Star is a very positive card. In this reading, and focusing on her emotional state, it's pointing out that she has difficulty accepting help from others. She's had alot of trauma in the past, and it's changed her way of thinking. She tends to think she's on her own, and that's not true. She may even be a bit depressed, but this is not something to worry about. Her true nature is to be hopeful and optimistic, and that will counteract those 'down' times. She knows that things are going to be okay again. She just needs to be aware that it is okay to accept help now and then!

She tends to reminisce and can be a bit nostalgic, and there isn't anything wrong with that. But she wants to make sure she doesn't dwell in the past too much!

Column B represents her home life, or her life outside of work.

The cards in this column were The World, Nine of Pentacles, and Page of Pentacles.

She feels as if she's stuck in a rut right now. She doesn't like change, at least not the kind of changes she's been through lately. She feels like things aren't coming to a satisfactory conclusion - there are areas she needs closure in. Her home life feels kind of stagnant to her. She needs to step back and take a look at things. There are changes that need to be made, and these changes will be very good for her. She needs to realize that she can rely on herself, and not be afraid to do just that. She's stronger than she knows. If she can make the necessary changes and begin to trust in herself and believe in her self worth, she will find a happiness and contentment that she hasn't known in quite some time. (These changes all seem to involve new living arrangements and redecorating!) There is also a very strong indication that her financial situation is going to improve. I get the impression that she is considering some sort of business venture on her own or in addition to her current job. Somehow, an opportunity is going to arise to increase her income.

Column C represents her present desires, hopes and questions.

The cards were the Ten of Cups, Two of Swords, and Eight of Cups.

These cards are very strong in relation to her family and emotions. They are all about love, personal values, shared happiness, and fulfilling relationships. These things are very important to her. There are some things in her past that she's really working on leaving behind. It's going to happen! She shouldn't let these things reflect on her future choices. She needs to let the past go. Again, these cards also point to a change in residence.

She's feeling uncertain about which way to go right now - there's a choice she needs to make and she's having a hard time deciding whether to go with her head or her heart. She needs to ask herself what she really wants...Let this one choice be all about her - that's not something she usually does.

Column D represents her current expectations.

The cards were the Ace of Wands, Ten of Swords, and Four of Wands.

She wants a new life. She wants to feel optimistic again. She wants new experiences. She wants to stop being sad. She has something she really wants to let go of. She wants the worse to be over, and it is! And, once again, she wants a new home, because this is part of her new beginning.

Column E represents what she does not expect / what surprises her.

The cards were the Five of Swords, The Emperor, and the Ten of Wands.

Someone around her may begin to act in a negative or destructive manner. They cannot be trusted. I believe it is a teenager, or a very young adult. She needs to be careful not to let them pull anything over on her.

She must also be careful not to bite off more than she can chew! It's easy to take on too much at once, and the only person who can control this is her. I feel like this is work related, and may interfere with her personal life if she isn't careful.

There is a man who is very controlling and very rational. I can't tell whether this is someone she already knows, or someone she has yet to meet, but I really think she already knows him. He's very blunt and direct, and really likes to be in charge. (Maybe someone she works with, but it may be something involved in the legal system.) He will give her very good advice and be a major help to her in making important decisions.

Column F represents her immediate future.

The cards were The Fool, Five of Cups, and Queen of Cups.

She is going to start this new phase of her life out with lots of enthusiasm. She's getting a fresh start and she's going to sense alot of changes in herself. She has endured some intense emotional pain, but that's going to end as she moves forward with her life. An old friend or lover from her past may make an appearance, and this will be a very good thing for her emotionally. There is a strong female figure in her life who is going to play a significant role in the near future events. I can't say for sure, but this may be someone she's just met recently, or are about to meet. She'll be nurturing and compassionate and very in tune with her, and she will become a very dear friend.

Column G represents the outcome and long term prospects for her.

The cards were the Ace of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, and Death.

She will see many changes - she's going through some major transformation. Financially, she's going to see significant improvements. She's also going to meet someone (she may already know them) who will be an amazing partner for her, and make her very happy. The relationship will be secure and very sensual. Her health is going to be very good!

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