Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Calendar Spread

This is a new spread that I thought I would try, for the entire upcoming year.

I chose The Paulina Tarot for this spread, and used 22 cards.

The Page of Cups represents the month of January. It will be a month of emotional joy and developement for me. I should be going home, so this is a new chapter in my life on an emotional level.

The Two of Pentacles represents the month of February. February will be a bit of a balancing act for me, both emotionally and financially. That is definitely to be expected, as we should have completed the move by then, and for the first time, I'll be a full time mother (albeit two adult 'kids') and full time wife - all at once!

The Nine of Swords represents the month of March. Stress, worry and anxiety - but they may very well be self imposed. This is no surprise! The transitionary period we are about to go through is bound to bring a few sleepless nights!

The Eight of Swords represents the month of April. Carry over from March? I may feel trapped and overwhelmed, but once again, my limitations may be self imposed.

The Knight of Swords represents the month of May. This will be a month of change, action and decisiveness. It will be very important to use my rational mind rather than my heart in these matters.

The Devil represents the month of June. I may find myself trapped in a situation that I need to break free of. I made this prison with my own two hands - I will have to acknowledge and face my fears in order to be free of it.

The Six of Pentacles represents the month of July. Everything will start to fall into place for us this month financially. We will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as getting back on our feet.

The Tower represents the month of August. August will bring sudden and abrupt change, in a very dramatic manner. It will mean putting an old way of life behind us and embracing our new lives completely.

The Knight of Cups represents the month of September. This will be a good month for romance and emotional concerns. Ironically, this is the month of our 8 year wedding anniversary!

Strength represents the month of October. Inner strength will be required to work through problem areas this month.

The King of Cups represents the month of November. Compassion and empathy will be key this month in my life. I may receive welcome advice from a mature, father like figure. He will be caring and kind, and have only my best interest at heart. (That rules out my father.)

The Ten of Swords represents the month of December. The worse is over. A cycle of our life has ended and it is time to move on.

The Seven of Pentacles and Three of Wands represent my ambition and creativity for the year. My progress will be slow and steady. I will need to keep in mind that anything that is important to me and my life is worth pursuing. I should periodically re-evaluate my progress towards my goals. Creative opportunities will be numerous, and I should market my talents and see if I can make a go of it. Now is the time to do so!

The Ten of Cups and The Emperor represent health and money for the year. My anxiety and stress levels will decrease this year because of the healing energy of being home, with my family. Material wealth will improve as the year goes on, and a job promotion or advancement may occur.

The Ace of Swords and The High Priestess represent my relationships and emotions for the year. These two cards in this position form a perfect balance of logic and intuition, so I expect all to be well in this area of my life!

The Nine of Cups and the Three of Swords represent my mind and struggles for the year. A feeling of well being and success will prevail. My desires will be fulfilled this year! I will get what I want. The struggles I have will be about emotional adjustment, and possibly health issues or a loss.

The Empress represents recurring energies carried over from last year. Good fortune and luck will be with me, along with feminine creativity, and healthy relationships.

The Six of Cups represents new energies in my life this year. Nostalgia will be strong, and rightfully so...I'm going home. Old ties will be renewed, and happy memories will be made!

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