Wednesday, January 27, 2010

5 card Trend reading

This reading was requested by a friend who is trying to make a choice in her career. I chose to use the Circle of Life tarot for this reading. The spread is a simple 5 card spread. This is a follow up reading to one I did for her several months ago.

Card 1 represents what she has at this time.

Five of Pentacles

She's disappointed, and she feels as if she is missing out on something. Right now, she's feeling left out in the cold.

Card 2 represents what she is looking for.

Five of Swords

She may be having difficulty admitting her limitations and viewing things realistically at this time. She wants someone to tell her what she should do, but this is a situation that she really needs to work through on her own.

Card 3 represents what she should do career wise.

Seven of Wands

Teaching and writing are very good choices for her at this point in time. This would also be a good time for her to consider furthering her education, to allow herself more options.

Card 4 represents what she really wants.

Knave of Chalices

She'd like to cultivate some hidden talents - this is something artistic or creative, but something she hasn't really given much attention in the past. There is a project she has been considering starting, and now is a very good time to do this. I'm getting a strong sense of teaching again, or possibly writing children's books.

Card 5 represents what is important for her now.

Two of Pentacles

Right now, her priority is to relieve the financial balancing act she's having to deal with. She may need to take on two jobs in order to bring things under control, but this will be a temporary thing.

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